Looking for superior walkie talkies?

One of the things that has always been interesting in the communication models within businesses and how different they are from one another. If you think about a retail store, they have a variety of telephones, intercoms and even walkie talkies, but doctors have a paging system and phone system. Restaurants have some of the best communication models because they depend on walkie talkies. These two way radios are extremely high tech nowadays. In fact, they are popular in military operations because of their durability, multiple channels, audio quality and hands-free voice activation.

TechWholesale.com Motorola CLS1410 is one of the superior walkie talkies to be available today. It has some incredible features including UHF band, one watt and over 50 business frequencies. In addition, it has a five mile radius outdoors and over 200,000 square feet indoors. The walkie talkie is capable of spanning up to 15 floors in a single building. This is one of those radios that truly has been expanded upon and built to be an incredible device for any business. Motorola also made sure that these models had lithium ion batteries for 12 hours of battery life. In addition, there are even more programmable features including reverse burst, radio reporting, PL/DL defeat, manager lock and power select. All of these features have been updated so that the latest models are truly something necessary for businesses with lots of different departments, groups of employees, big spaces and communication troubles. All of your problems can be solved with this incredible walkie talkie.

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