Having the ability to use the Internet as a phone network makes it cheaper and easier to use the telephone. It is possible to cut your phone bill down to $20 a month or even $20 a year depending on what service you are using.

VoIP gives your company the flexibility to make video calls as well as voice calls. Instead of having to travel from your Miami office to your Boston office for a meeting, the meeting can take place online. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars on a plane ticket, hotel rooms and expenses for your employees.

The sound quality for a VoIP phone call is outstanding. It is almost as if you are standing right next to the person who you are talking to. You can’t always say that about phone calls made by a cell phone or via traditional phone lines.

Business grade software, like Business phone systems and Cloud PBX, ensures that your company won’t drop an important call with a client. When you need to make a conference call or hold a video conference, you don’t have to worry about whether or not you can hear or see the person on the other line. If you are holding a contract negotiation, mishearing a single word could blow up the entire deal.

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