The wait is over! You can now run Instagram contests just like you would Vine and YouTube video contests – complete with hashtag entry. The company launched the platform yesterday and the sheer popularity of Instagram (over 100 million users!) has the new video functionality ripe for contest fodder.

So which do you choose for your next video contest? Vine or Instagram? The ease of use make both options perfect for short-form entries, but here are a few things to keep in mind:

Video Length

The main difference between Vine and the new Instagram video is the maximum video length – Instagram boasts :15 seconds over Vine’s :06 seconds. Which you choose depends on the content that you are asking the user create.  Can it be done in :06 seconds? If not, then Instagram may be the better option.

Video Content

The content creators of both platforms are very different types of video creators. While Vine users tend to be more artistic, using the platform to tinker with their creativity, we predict that Instagram video users will use the video function as an extension of the photo platform: documenting their pet’s shenanigans or the view from the top of their most recent hike.

Video Filters

Vine doesn’t have filters, something that Instagram users have become accustomed to. Filters are included in the Instagram video, as well as a very impressive video stabilization function.

Excited to get started? Now it’s time to showcase your newly bbought goodtime banjo at musicians friend. To create your own Instagram video contest create a Woobox account and select the Video Contest App.  On the Settings page you will see the option to select Instagram as the video type. Remember: excitement is contagious, and the more excited you are about the contest the more excited the content creators will be to participate!

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