Ways of Attracting Luck in Life

Luck isn’t something that just happens to other people. Is luck something which you can unconsciously or consciously attract or repel? People have different perceptions about luck but one thing is for sure, luck is real.

Most people I know are eager to find ways to attract luck in their life, this is whether for business, love, career, health, gambling, or overall aspects of life.

Now, manifest and attract luck today with some of the simple techniques that can transform your life – keep an open mind and just allow lucky things to “happen” in your life.

1. Having a positive attitude

If you’re forever wandering round beneath your own personal thunder cloud, you won’t be attracting the better things in your life. Always look on the bright side.

Take a few minutes every day to sit still, quiet the mind and get rid of all the talk going on in your mind. Focus on your breathing and just be still. Impress on your sub-conscious mind the word luck and create visual images of what you believe luck is. Hold the thought and pictures in your mind for as long as you can. When visualising make the pictures bright and colourful. Make them big and put yourself in the pictures. Make sure you do this each day.

2. Live in the moment

Forget about that past bad luck you have had – it’s gone, it no longer exists, like I did with my argument with my dad, I forgave him, forget it and move on. And stop comparing the present to some golden era in your past when you felt luckier – that’s gone, too.

3. Repeat some affirmations

Regularly repeating affirmations such as “I am a lucky person” and “I attract luck into my life” may sound incongruent at first. Get into the habit of honing in on the feelings of what you will feel like if you were lucky. Feeling lucky might even increase the chances of being picked as employee of the month, winning the jackpot at www.lottery.net ,or maybe you will win an all-expense paid trip to Hawaii. Put your being lucky affirmations somewhere you’ll notice them and repeat them on a regular basis. It’s your choice where.

4. Avoid the naysayers

Allow the world to be a friendly place. People who think the world, and strangers in it, are out to get them, coincidentally have lives full of bad-luck stories. People who think the world will support them if they support is, and that every strange face is a potential friend, have lives peppered with frequent bits of good luck.

Avoid some people who frequently engages in excessive complaining, negative banter and/or a genuinely poor and downbeat attitude. Don’t stoop to their level – there’s no point in doing that as it’s counterproductive in the longer term. But do play down what they say. Maybe make a joke of it if they’re unusual and the kind of person who’ll take a joke. But don’t moan about them behind their back. Just let their comments glance past you and carry on with your quest to be the luckiest person you know!

As you can see from these points, there are definite techniques and approaches to the world which result in luck. Luck isn’t something that just happens to other people. Yes, it really is possible to attract more luck into your life

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