June 15 marked a special day for hubby and me. Since the start of 2013, hubby and I decided to celebrate our monthsaries too; just like we used to do before getting married. For us, it’s a way to keep our relationship fresh – and, of course, an excuse to do something out of the ordinary. This time, we decided to have a staycation at one of the hotels in the metro. I recently read about the Manila Pavilion Hotel  and how it’s been renovated. It did not take me long to be convinced that this is the place to celebrate our June monthsary.

Manila Pavilion Hotel & Casino

Getting Settled
We booked our staycation and checked in at around 2pm which is the appointed check in time. When we got to Room 2019, we already knew that our staycation would be truly relaxing. The color palette used in the deluxe room’s interior welcomed us with its refreshing aqua/turquoise motif. The sight of the wall to wall carpeting and the huge bed covered in crisp linen were enough to make us just want to stay inside the room.

After the mandatory checks (and picture taking) of all the room features and amenities which included a writing table, a ref and mini-bar, and a private bathroom, we just had to give in to the temptation of the plush king sized bed. The perfectly cold temperature courtesy of the room AC made us all the more willing to snuggle under the soft 300-thread count linen. Hubby just got off work so he was really tired. The bed was so comfortable that it did not take us long to hit slumberland.

It was already 9:30pm when we woke up. We slept so well that we almost missed our dinner buffet. It’s a good thing that the Seasons Restaurant of the Manila Pavilion is open until 10:30pm. We had about an hour to spend sampling all the culinary treats in the buffet spread. I thought it was not as extensive as some of the other hotel buffets I’ve been to. But, there really was more than enough choices for our tummies to take. I learned that they have a monthly cuisine theme. For June, it was Filipino cuisine. There were beef, chicken, and pork dishes.

The Filipino Buffet at the Seasons

My favorite was the salmon dish which was a little bit spicy but tolerable for my palate. Hubby requested for grilled salmon head from the grilling station.

Grilled Salmon Head

We tried a lot of different dishes including the salad and the lechon (no Filipino buffet would be complete without this).

My first plate!
my 2nd =D
The buffet packaged included unlimited drinks. You can choose from fruit juices and soda.

They also have a dessert spread which consisted of the all-Filipino halo-halo, cakes and pastries, and ice cream.

Aside from having a lot of food choices and being able to eat several dishes, our dinner experience was enhanced by the attention of the restaurant’s dining room service personnel. They were really nice and always smiling. Our drinks were refilled just before they ran out. Somehow, they were always around when we needed anything.

A Taste of the Nightlife (or Not)

View from our room

Our plan was to go out for the evening and maybe check out the nightlife in the nearby Malate area. We went back to our room after dinner, supposedly to get ready for our night out. The room was just so comfortable and felt so homey that we ended up staying in again and watching television. Some wives would complain about their husbands watching too much television at home. This time, though, we were both really just content watching the boob tube in the comforts of our hotel room. While we were relaxing, one of the hotel personnel rang and asked if they could already bring us our complimentary glasses of red wine. They heard that we were celebrating. We found this to be a really sweet gesture.

Since we slept earlier, we were still up at around 1am. We decided to go down and check out the casino at the hotel’s ground floor. It seemed that luck was not in our favor that night. Set back by a thousand pesos, we decided it’s time to go back up to our room. We watched more movies before we decided to hit the sack. We wanted to get up early in the morning, but guess what? We woke up late again.

Glorious Sunday
Just like the previous night’s dinner, we still made it to the breakfast buffet at Seasons. This time, hubby asked that we be seated in the smoking area. Unlike other smoking sections in other restaurants, this was not at all stuffy and, well, smelling like cigarette smoke. I really did not have to deal with any offensive odors disrupting the way I enjoyed my food. They had a spread of pancakes, taho, breads, juice, and cereal. It was a hearty breakfast that we truly enjoyed.

With breakfast giving our day a great start, we headed off to the chapel. We learned that they hold Sunday masses at 12noon.

After saying our prayers and thanking the Lord for all our blessings, we proceeded to check out the other amenities like the swimming pool and the gym.

Our work weary bodies were craving for more rest and relaxation and we found ourselves heading back to our room again. Everything was neat and tidy again just like the way they were when we first walked into the room the previous day. That bed was really just too inviting to resist.

A Relaxing Haven in the City
This staycation is one of the best that hubby and I have ever had. It’s right in the middle of the Manila commercial district, but we really never felt the hurried and frenzied pace of the goings-on outside the hotel.

The duty manager even called to check how our stay was going and if we needed anything. The hotel and its people made us feel cared for. Perhaps this is the reason why, despite the many other activities and places to see outside the hotel, we just chose to stay in and enjoy the hotel’s facilities.

We would gladly come back to have the same experience again. Since it’s just in the city, we do not have to travel for hours just to get our relaxing vacation. The Manila Pavilion Hotel is really a relaxing haven in the city that we can easily return to whenever we want to.

A New Degree of Luxury at the Manila Pavilion Hotel

With its bounty of newly renovated rooms, you have every reason to have a grandeur stay at the Manila Pavilion Hotel.

Both the Deluxe and Deluxe Premium offer minimalist-chic aesthetics balanced with personal. homey touches. The rooms are cradled with linens that embellish its pattern according to the custom-built furniture of the room.

Deluxe room
Deluxe Premium

The new rooms have been technologically revamped and redecorated with a subtlle finesse – lush textiles, vibrant-colored furniture putting the enchanting and tranquil turquoise couches in the spotlight as contemporary art pieces anchored by the view of the bay.

Ambassador Floor

Ambassador Room

The privileged few guests of the Ambassador Room can immerse into its luxury, privacy, and floor area of 30 sq.m. With a king-sized bed, LED TV, a work desk, and luggage rack including private bath with shower and tub areas, an overdose of exclusivity is a guarantee. If one wishes to have a little more space, a breakfast nook is also provided for an added comfort plus an express check-in-and-out service.

Ambassador Suite

It is among the topmost suites in the hotel with 68 sq. m. floor area. The Ambassador Suite offers VIP amenities and top-of-the-line facilities. The king-sized bed promises the highest form of comfort and sophistication with an LED TV, a work desk, and luggage rack. The private bath with separate shower and tub areas are guaranteed in the suite plus a special express check-in-and-out assistance from the hotel’s well-trained staff.

Ambassador Meeting Room
Ambassador Lounge
Ambassador Business Center

Premier Room

Premier Room

Located on the highest floor of the hotel with a spacious floor area of over 60 sq. m., the Premier Suite offers king-sized bed with exclusive privileges and standard amenities. Guests staying in this suite can expect LED TV, work desk, telephone line, and luggage rack. A private bath with separate shower and tub areas can be enjoyed in this suite.

Executive Suite

Executive suite
Executive suite

The Executive Suite takes exclusively a step further. It has an average floor area 62 sq. m. Greeted by a king-sized bed, guest is guaranteed of benefits along with amenities like the work desk, telephone line, LED TV, and luggage rack. The suite also boasts of its private bath with separate shower and tub areas.

If your wish is to make your stay worthwhile at a hotel which offers access, privacy, personalized assistance and perks, the Manila Pavilion Hotel is the go-to-place where comfort is tailored-fit and luxury is unending.

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  1. Nice! I was in Manila Pavilion, I think, 10 years ago! It looks good na, very modern looking. Would love to stay there when we go back to Manila next year!

  2. Thanks for posting! Me and my hubby used to go to Manila Pavilion when we were still bf/gf 🙂 I wish you could have taken a pic of their superior room, the cheapest one, because that’s what most people are after. But nevertheless, great blog!

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