The Global BonChon Chicken Phenomenon -–Drawing Crowds in Baguio

BonChon, the crispy chicken sensation raved about globally, is now serving the original Korean fried chicken secret the world craves for in the Summer Capital of the Philippines. BonChon opens its doors in SM City Baguio, Breezeway Terrace, at the 2nd floor.

BonChon, meaning “original village” in Korean, serves Korean fried chicken that’s super crispy yet light and not greasy, with hot moist juicy meat, and sauced with its addicting soy garlic or spicy glaze.  From its original home in Seoul, BonChon opened branches in New York where its crispy chicken secret earned major media and industry accolades, as well as raves from discriminate diners.  Its similar success in other US cities such as San Francisco, Boston, Virginia, and New Jerseyset the stage for the restaurant chain’s international expansion in Bangkok, Manila, Jakarta, Singapore – and later on in key Philippines cities such as Cebu, Davao,  Cavite, and now in Baguio.  Now with more than 45  stores in the Philippines at 2 years of operations, the company is well on its way of realizing its vision of having BonChon in every key city in the country.

The company is steadfastly committed to serve fresh, innovative food at reasonable prices, delivering much value to its growing cult of customers without any shortcuts.

The local menu offers a wide range, starring BonChon’s world-renowned crispy chicken.

The crispy chicken secret that inspired a global cult following: BonChon Chicken is super crispy yet light and not greasy, with hot moist juicy meat, sauced with the highly addicting soy garlic or spicy glaze.  It’s the original Korean fried chicken secret.

Its seafood offerings began as local seasonal offerings that have become popular items on the local menu: the brand’s take on the English classic of fish and chips, crispy squid rice, and the raved-about fish taco which was inspired by the California food truck mishmash of Korean and Mexican.

At BonChon, the traditional Korean bulgogi is served Asian style as beef bulgogi over rice, Western style as beef bulgogiin a wrap, and BonChon style as crunchy chicken bulgogiover rice.

Enjoy the tasty fresh and light options at BonChon: a choice of the Oriental Crispy Chicken Salador the classic Caesar Salad, paired with the refreshing House Blend Premium Iced Tea.

As a sweet ending to a BonChon meal, BonChon’sKo-Yo (or Korean Yogurt) strikes the perfect balance among tart, sweet, cool, and creamy – served in alternating layers with homebaked graham pie crust, and offered in Blueberry Torte and Banoffee Pie variants.

The vision of BonChon Chicken Philippines is to serve as many Filipinos as possible, with BonChon in every key city nationwide.  “It is crucial to find the best partners to enable us to best actualize this vision.  Opening BonChon in the Summer Capital of the Philippines – and during this brillian summer season, too — brings this dream one step closer.  The city’s economy is booming, and we are proud to be part of this progress.We are looking forward to offer something new to the people of Baguio, the same crispy chicken that has made its mark in the international market,” says Scott Tan, Managing Director of BonChon Philippines.

Franchisee Kevin Chong of Healthy Pine Ventures Inc. shares, “My family is from Baguio, and ever since I was a kid one of the things I look forward to is the culinary adventures.  The foodhas been consistently wonderful in the classic places.  BonChon brings a new kind of delicious to our fair city.  I remember my first experience – the chicken was super crispy yet very tasty, nothing like I’ve ever had before – and we are excited to be sharing this highly addicting experience with everyone in Baguio.”

Team BonChon is now open to serve in the Summer Capital of the Philippines! BonChon Chicken Philippines Managing Director Scott Tan with franchisee Kevin Chong of Healthy Pine Ventures are both ready to share the same crispy chicken secret with Baguio.

Visit BonChon at SM City Baguio, Breezeway Terrace, 2nd floor.  For more information on BonChon, log onto

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