People who smoke a lot have good news for them. A pioneering invention that everybody should know about, especially the one who smokes is the electronic cigarette or more popularly known as an e-cigarette or a smokeless cigarette. It has brought forth a new dimension for the smokers all around the globe. The electronic cigarettes are here to change both the legal landscape and the health issues one has with conventional cigarettes. You can smoke an electronic cigarette anywhere in public without causing any harm to the people standing next to you. There are several advantages associated with these e-cigarettes that are a boon to the smokers worldwide.

The electronic cigarettes offer the same experience as that of smoking an actual cigarette. There are no health or legal issues involved that surround the conventional cigarettes. The functioning of these electronic cigarettes is entirely different to those of the actual cigarettes although the look, feel, and taste of the electric cigarette are similar to that of an actual cigarette. The e-cigarettes do not burn any tobacco but they give you the simulation of inhaling vaporized smoke containing nicotine, propylene glycol. The product also contains a scent that replicates the essence of tobacco. The e cigarettes satisfy your craving for nicotine but safeguard you from the harmful agents that may cause cancer. The traditional cigarettes on the other hand, contain agents of cancer such as hydrocarbons, glue, tar and an array of additives.

These cigarettes are healthier than the conventional cigarettes. The e-cigarettes are also considered to be in accordance with the legal landscape. They are completely safe to smoke in public. These kinds of cigarettes do not involve the use of tobacco in them, they can be smoked without any hassle. Areas such as family restaurants, bars, your place of work etc., where smoking in public is prohibited, you can smoke freely. The use of electronic cigarettes comes within the ambit of law. You can also avoid troubling other people with the harmful and irritating smoke that the traditional cigarette emits. The non-emission of smoke is certainly one advantage that a non-smoker would also appreciate in an electronic cigarette. It curbs the threat of passive smoking for people who do not smoke.

The cartridge can be refilled with plenty of flavoured options available in the market. The nicotine cartridge also comes in various strengths of nicotine. This is specifically designed keeping in mind the people who want to quit smoking. The various options available in flavours are mint, apple, strawberry, regular and many more. The strengths also vary from regular, light to no nicotine at all. These kinds of cigarettes can be safely called as a healthy alternative for smoking.

There are many differences in the electronic cigarettes and the nicotine gums and patches available in the market. The foremost reason for these electronic cigarettes to become more popular than the patches and the gums is the feeling it provides to the smoker. The e-cigarette offers the simulation of smoking an actual cigarette while satisfying the craving for nicotine in a smoker.

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