Doing household chores seems to be dreaded by most housewives. Fortunately, Electrolux has made an effort to provide us with household appliances over the years that can make household chores enjoyable and allow us to enjoy our time around the house every time we’re at home. This time, Electrolux has introduced another two intuitive product lines that will surely make household chores easier – the refrigerators and the washing machine.  Refrigerators include the FlexFresh™ and NutriFresh™ while the washing machine is called the Time Manager washing machines.

These appliances were formally introduced in the market and into the consumers during the Electrolux Everyday Escape Launch and Lounge Party in Makati Shangri-la last April 17, 2013. The event was hosted by Ms. Ginger Conejero and Mr. Paolo Abrera. Baihana and Martin Nievera also graced the program.

The setup of the venue was fine that it induced a relaxing feeling to those who have attended. Prizes were also raffled and the lucky winners took home Spa Gift Certificates, Electrolux appliances like blender, vacuum and the two new appliances (refrigerator and washing machine). All-expense paid vacation trips to Cebu, Bohol, Phuket and Bali were also given away.

Anyway, about the new appliances of Electrolux, with the advent of the two new innovative refrigerators, Electrolux FlexFresh™ and NutriFresh™, consumers can now enjoy market-fresh fruits and vegetables 24-7. Because of excessive pollution, fruits and vegetables must be kept fresh at all times. Electrolux FlexFresh™ and NutriFresh™ refrigerators has the following major features:

  • Adaptive Defrost System – this helps save energy and improves food preservation to prolong freshness
  • Deo-Fresh – dual/triple nano copper deodorizers is incorporated to attract and absorb stray odors
  • Fast Freeze – helps generate ice faster
  • FlexStor™ – adjustable door sections to make room for taller and bigger containers. Bag Clips allows hanging and storing bags straight from the market.
  • Door Alarm – to make sure that the door is always kept closed

Aside from these features, NutriFresh™ refrigerators have additional features such as the following:

  • FreshLogic –touch of a button including temperate control, holiday / quick freeze / drinks chill mode and the NutriLight™ feature.
  • Market Fresh Crisper – for humidity control
  • Multi Flow System – for constant air circulation throughout the refrigerator and freezer
  • NutriLight™ – a patented LED system that simulates sunlight to enhance the vitamin content of fruits and vegetables
  • FlexSpace – a folding system in the freezer to accommodate larger containers
  • FlexFlesh Compartments – flexible storage for various food

As for the Time Manager front-load washing machine,  “guessing game” is not an option anymore as  the four predetermined time options do the thinking for us of when the load will end. Now, there’s no wasted time anymore waiting. In addition, it has also the following features:

  • Load Sensor – allows to select the perfect cycle for the load
  • X-tra Wide Door – to make loading and unloading of laundry faster and easier
  • Leaf Lifter –promotes gentle tumbling of clothes for better care
  • Lily Drum – to increase the surface contact with the load to better get rid of dirt and stains
  • Vapour Action – to remove allergens in clothes by up to 99.9%.
  • Refresh Cycle – to relax fibers and steam out the wrinkles in clothes
  • Jet Wash System –helps to increase water circulation
  • IQ Touch™ – a panel with a graphic LCD display for easy operations
  • Luxury Quiet – to reduce noise during operation
  • Lightcraft™ – to improve visibility during loading and unloading

Now with these innovative appliances from Electrolux, you can say that you have escaped dreadful household chores every day!

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