Being a blogger, I can consider myself as one of the active netizens, who spends most of my time online for various reasons. Because this is my line of work, I am updated with the latest issues that are happening here and abroad. Since election is fast approaching here in the Philippines, I am searching for the bio and other useful information about the senatorial candidates in order for me to “vote wisely”.

I have read most of the public and private background of senatoriables that are available in the internet, I have learned that UNA Senatorial candidate JV EJERCITO ESTRADA has been actively online for 3 years. Actually, he has around 102,480 followers on his Facebook page (and counting) and has 20,837 followers on Twitter, as well. I have also noticed that the young Estrada comments to and shares his posts regularly. With this, he has netted a Klout score of 74, as compared to 80 and 83 scores of Pres Aquino’s and President Erap Estrada, respectively.

His presence online is one of his ways to connect with his constituents and stay in touch with the pulse of the masses, especially the young ones. To this, he mentioned that it makes him to be up to date with the latest trends and other developments concerning the youth. He also added that: “Youth development is one of my advocacies as a public servant. So being able to interact with students on a daily basis through Twitter and Facebook allows me to identify their needs and help them”.

Moreover, I have learned that this week’s SWS-W Survey, San Juan Representative JV Estrada is at # 7-8 slots even though he belongs to the opposition slate, not to mention that his TV ads went off the air due to financial difficulties that he and his party are facing. Actually, he has been in the winning column of all the related surveys done since he filed his candidacy last October 2012.

It is believed that these positive results of the survey shows that he is successful in reaching out to the people through social media and that he is considered as a netizen. Reports also said that netizen JV Estrada is very much ready to bring the online issues to the Senate. Thus, he continuously stays on top of voter’s choices according to surveys.

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