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In my previous post about My Weight Loss Journey Again, I have mentioned that I have joined a Zumba Class in Taytay Rizal. And luckily, I was also invited to try Zumba at JNA Dance and Fitness Center.

JNA Dance & Fitness Center is a dance studio offering dance programs, fitness programs, martial arts and ballet. The main objective of this Center is to promote personal health and well-being through dance and sports, as well as, develop every individual’s self-discipline and good moral character.


JNA Dance & Fintess Center is formally known as the Effie Nañas DanCentre, which has taught first-rate Classical Ballet for over a decade. When JNA Dance & Fitness Center took over, Effie Nañas is still the one leading the same Classical Ballet, plus it has expanded to other health-promotion activities such as dance and fitness programs and martial arts, too!


In addition, JNA Dance & Fitness Center also offers studio space for the following exclusive bookings:

  • Studio Rentals – A perfect venue for production rehearsals, auditions, photo shoots and more.
  • Private Team-Building Sessions – Great for corporations looking to find new ways of bonding, re-energizing and motivating workers.
  • Dance or Fitness-Based Parties – An alternative, healthy way to complement kid parties (learn a dance-pop routine with presentation for parents), bridal showers (learn to belly dance together with all your friends) and more.

Anyway, about my Zumba class, when we were invited to try it at JNA Dance & Fitness Center, Mauie of the The 24 Hour Mommy (my Zumba partner) and I excitedly confirmed. Let me share to you what happened during that Zumbla class:

Photos by The 24 Hour Mommy
Ms Glenda from the Fitness Center made the Zumba Class lively and fun | Photos by The 24 Hour Mommy

When I was at the JNA Fitness Center, I was so excited for the Zumba Class with Ms. Glenda Martinez. I was totally enjoying the experience but after the 3rd song, I felt nauseous so I made a pass on the next song. I drank a glass of water but then, the ill feeling was “consistent” so I went at the reception area, where the temperature was much colder as compared to the studio where the air conditioning unit was switched off. There, I ask the receptionist (Ate Ces) for a White Flower to ease the terrible dizziness that I was feeling.

While I was having a chat with the receptionist, my cousin, Noel (husband of Kaye of ilovekeisha.com), arrived and I told him to get inside the studio to take some pictures. After then, my eyesight sort of dimmed to the point that I had to cling on to the reception table but I felt it was not enough. I know from that instant that I am really close to fainting and considering my “size”, I know the receptionist won’t be able to catch me (alone) when I faint.

Since I can still manage to speak despite my zero to blurry vision, I asked her to help me take a seat and after that I don’t know what happened. Although I can still hear people talking to me and I’m responding to them (or so I think), I can’t see their faces anymore…it was all black. I was having a tunnel vision, excessive sweating, pale, cool and clammy skin. I even vomited, which made me felt a little bit better thereafter. Then nurse Alyssa arrived and I found out that my blood pressure (BP) was only 70/60, a very low blood pressure, a condition called hypotension.

Before this incident, I always felt this kind of lightheadedness and I even thought that I was pregnant. This is the reason why before I decided to join the Zumba Class, I had undergone pregnancy test and the result was negative. I think I have this condition for a long time already because I often felt dizzy and experience other related symptoms but just ignored them.

Anyway, I would just like to commend the staff of JNA Dance and Fitness Center because they are ready or prepared for cases like this; they have the white flower and they have called a nurse as soon as possible.

Just take note that you must take extra precautions before joining a Zumba Class; make sure that you are not hungry and not too full as well, you had a good night sleep the previous night and if possible please have your BP checked before and after the Zumba session so that you can monitor your blood pressure.

Mommy Bloggers with Ms Glenda Tolentino
Mommy Bloggers with Ms Glenda Martinez

Despite the unfortunate event that happened to me, which was not the fault of the studio, of course, I can still say that I enjoyed the experience in general. Ms. Glenda was effective in encouraging the “students” to enjoy the class. I will be definitely coming back for more. But that time, I will be more prepared to finish the whole session.

Watch how fun Zumba is!

For more information visit the JNA Dance and Fitness Center here:

Level 4 Shangri-La Plaza Mall
Mandaluyong City, Philippines
Or you may call them at (+632) 633-7871 or send them an email to info@jnadance.com or you can opt to visit their page here: www.jnadance.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JNADanceandFitnessCenter

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  1. I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed that Zumba class despite how you felt earlier during the session. I had a similar experience while doing the Zumba, YouTube version. After about 20mins of dancing, my heart started beating rapidly and that lasted for a few minutes. I visited my cardiologist a few days after that incident, and thank heavens, he found nothing odd in my ECG result. He said I might have been dehydrated or my electrolyte levels could have gone down because I was sweating a lot but I wasn’t drinking any fluids. Now I make sure I have water/gatorade while I Zumba.

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