My Weight Loss Journey Again

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Losing weight is one of the biggest problems of women nowadays from all over the world and I am one of those women who is having a hard time losing all those unnecessary fats, not just for aesthetic reasons alone, but most importantly to have a good health in order to live my life to the fullest while I am still young. Ok, not that exactly “young”, but not that old, too.

Anyway, I guess most of you, my dear readers, may have already known that I have tried several ways to not gain weight and lose what I have. I even joined the Clium Lose More Live More challenge, where I lost about 3lbs after a month. Sad to say, after the challenge, I lost all the motivations to continue what I have started leading to gaining weight again. I even got lazy and bored observing the proper diet which I have followed during the challenge and the required daily exercises, as well.

Now, I am once again decided to lose these “excess baggage” of mine and this time, it’s for real. I mean, I feel that I am more determined now, more ready to challenge myself, not just for myself alone, but for my family who loves and cares for me and wishes me to always have a good health. Actually, one of the major reasons why I decided to be “on the track” again is that my sister, Kiss, will get married this coming August and I want her wedding day to be my target day, so that I will be able to look good and feel good about myself once again during that red letter day.

To start with this journey, I have to make the initial required steps first. I had a “weigh in” last March 5, 2013 and it was 190lbs with 34.7 BMI, which simply means that I am OBESE”. Based on the BMI calculator, the normal weight is equal to 18.5 – 24.9 (Normal weight = 18.5–24.9 BMI). Through this, I was able to realize (finally) that I need to get rid of extra “fats” from my body and lose around 90-100 pounds! These excess “baggage” may seem a little bit shameful for others, especially announcing it in public, but then, as for me, I decided to let this “skeleton” out in the closet because I feel that I need a support group. I need more encouragements from people to continue with my journey and let me feel that I am truly loved and that they support my endeavor.

Since this is the case, on that same day, March 5, I joined a Zumba Class (every Tuesday) and Aero+Sculpt workout (every Thursday). It’s only P75.00 per session, so I find it very affordable and reasonable. I even worked out with my blogger friend, Mauie because it’s really fun to have someone beside you sharing the same “goal”. I hope that we will be able to religiously attend these sessions.

with my Zumba Classmates and trainer
with my Zumba Classmates and trainer

I am also planning to join a boxing workout but I have not found a perfect place yet, which is also supposed to be cheaper as compared to others. Lastly, I will also watch what I eat. Although this goal may seem too tough especially that I find it hard to resist food, “unhealthy” food that is, still I know that I can make it no matter what. It’s just a matter of mind conditioning, plus with the support of my family and friends, I can start gradually until I am able to improve my eating habit. With these in mind, I know that I will be able to finish this “journey”.

As of the moment, these are just in my to-do list and I will just update you, my dear readers, as for the other steps that I will be discovering and taking to make the best out of my losing weight journey. But of course, before taking the steps into the next level, I have to rule out the possibility of being pregnant because these past few days I feel that there is something wrong with what I’m feeling so I have to make sure that I am not pregnant or else, I will be risking “everything”.

I just hope and pray that I will be able to finish this uphill battle against obesity and that a visible change will be observed on my target date. Please follow me with my weight loss journey and let us all see what will happen in the coming days. I am also open to your suggestions in order for this endeavor to become successful.

Please take note that this journey is NOT a sponsored post, but of course, I am open to sponsorship (lol), frankly speaking.

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  1. Hello! where is this 75-peso workout class? I need one too! I’ve been doing boxing before too, but it’s pricey. Let me know if you also find a cheap one.


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