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For more than a decade now, I-Foods Inc. has been taking Filipinos on a gastronomic journey. Its portfolio of restaurants offers diners a taste of world cooking at reasonable prices. When I-Foods Inc. president Bryan Tiu opened his first concept restaurant in 2001, it was to be the first in a number of fast casual restaurants he was to develop in the coming years. These restaurants brought to a bigger market segment what were then considered to be expensive concepts.

From its first store in Greenhills, San Juan in 2001, Teriyaki Boy grew to have 10 branches in Metro Manila by 2005. Its menu of favorite Japanese fare, from sushi and sashimi to ramen, from donburi (rice toppings) to tempura, it proved that enjoying Japanese food not be expensive. Because of its rapid growth and popularity among diners, the Pancake House group entered into a partnership with I-Foods Inc., which rapidly enlarged the Japanese fast-foods exposure in the market to 50 stores.

IFOODS-logo-TOKYO-CAFEHis success with Teriyaki Boy led him to develop another Japanese-inspired concept, Tokyo Café. When the restaurant opened its first branch at SM Mall of Asia in 2006, it pioneered a concept that was popular throughout Japan: cafés that served Western dishes with a Japanese twist. It also served a menu of coffee beverages to rival those offered by other franchises.

With the guidance of Atsushi Yoshizawa, a Japanese professional with years of experience in the restaurant business, Tokyo Café proved to be a hit. Rather than scare diners away with its unusual menu, the restaurant had cheerful interiors with a modern Japanese ambience that attracted a young crowd. Add to this the five-star personalized service, and the restaurant proved to be another winner for I-Foods Inc.

IFOODS-logo-STACKERSFrom Japanese food, I-Foods Inc. went into the fast-food business developing a concept of affordable high-end burgers. Stackers Burger Café opened its first outlet in 2007 and offered a unique product to its regulars: premium burgers made with 100 percent imported beef from Australia, New Zealand and the United States. And no, these aren’t just plain burgers. Diners had a number of options, from a variety of sauces and toppings, to make their experience an original one.

Aside from burgers, Stackers also pioneered in the first and original Baked Fried Chicken. Using a special method of cooking, the chicken stay juicy and tender but with 80% less oil than regular fried chicken, for a truly healthier meal.

IFOODS-logo-PERI-CHARCOALI-Foods Inc. next focused on chicken in its next venture. Apart from fast food, what do Filipinos love most? Barbecue, and that’s what Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken aimed to serve. This was no ordinary chicken barbecue. Peri-peri chicken uses a special spicy marinade that is popular in Portugal and Africa for a different tasting dish. And for the twist in the sauce, Peri-Peri chicken uses imported African Bird’s Eye Chili. All the chicken is spit-roasted for a healthier meal. To complement most meals, diners have the option to avail of the soup and beverage bar where they can have as much as they want for a minimum add-on.

IFOODS-logo-KOGI-BULGOGIEventually, I-Foods Inc. went back to Asia to develop its next concept. With the opening of Kogi Bulgogi in 2010, diners had a chance to enjoy Korean food at reasonable prices. The restaurant specializes in bulgogi, the popular barbecue that is the rage worldwide. And to suit Filipino palates, diners have the option of adjusting the level of spiciness of their orders.

IFOODS-logo-PARMIGIANOI-Foods Inc.’s latest concept restaurant is Parmigiano Ristorante Pizzeria, a full-fledged Italian restaurant that offers pasta and pizza, especially its Napoletana Pizza. This pizza cooks in just 90 seconds for the quickest pizza service in the country Opened in 2010 at Resorts World Manila, the restaurant is fast becoming a must-stop for foodies in the area.

And enjoying these world-class dining becomes even more exciting with the soon to be launched IF Card- your guarantee to a great dining experience coupled with big savings.

Whether you have a craving for Tokyo Café’s hot or iced coffee beverages, Stackers customizable premium burgers, Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken’s Peri-Peri Chicken, Kogi Bulgogi’s beef bulgogi and bibimbap, or Parmigiano Ristorante Pizzeria’s Napoletana-style pizzas, you will surely enjoy these treats at a bargain with your IF card.

In just a decade, I-Foods Inc. has become a leading purveyor of fast casual dining concepts in the country. The company assures Filipinos that they get to taste the best in the world at reasonable prices in a setting to rival those of high-priced exclusive restaurants, a win-win situation for all diners.

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