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It’s holiday here in our country but instead of going out of town, my husband and I opted for a staycation. Not only because it is inexpensive, but it will give us more time to bond. We spent half of the day watching DVDs, sleeping, eating, cuddling then sleeping again… That’s what you call quality time together.

As much as possible, we avoid going online until someone sent me this funny photo via email.

Funny laundry shop sign with resemblance to The Lord of the Rings logo
Funny laundry shop sign with resemblance to The Lord of the Rings logo

I remember when I was in college, I used to collect these kind of photos. Road signs, warning signs, for-sale signs, even bathroom signs, this world is full of signs and some of the most important information we process is conveyed through their concise imagery and wording. But I realized that some of the sign were in fact among the most entertaining. Too bad, I lost my collections when my laptop got corrupted. So my husband convinced me to continue my hobby and I excitedly agreed. To start, we browsed online and here are some of funny signs we found.



Huh? Which way?



Funny-Signs-Toilet-47I have a feeling that this does not comply with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards, and I’m sure that this restroom sign is not available at Seton because all of their restroom signs are ADA approved.


Please note that these photos are not mine. We just saw them online, but next time I’ll be sharing my own funny sign photos that I personally took.

Did you know that some companies use funny photos for advertisement because market trends reveal that striking logos and funny phrases increase consumers’ curiosity. Some firms believe that they can capture the attention of their customers through humor. Just an FYI.

Anyway, what do you think of these photos? If you have a funny sign picture you’d like to add, – send us your funny sign photo at admin(at)pinayads(dot)com

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