Retro Case by Musubo for iPhone 5: Look vs Durability

I was thinking of giving my brother a graduation gift until I found this Retro case by Musubo for iPhone 5. Honestly, when I first saw it, I immediately fell in love with it because of the design. The Retro case by Musubo was uniquely designed and it makes me remember the design of an old microphone.

Of course, before I buy it and wrap it as a gift, I have to take a look at it first and sort of scrutinize the product. The Retro case is a double layer style case where a fairly strong polycarbonate plastic is used as the outer layer while the inner layer is made of soft rubber silicon. I know, other companies like Spec and InCase have double layer designs but Musubo manage to stand out because ,again, of its very unique design.


The design of the Retro case by Musubo provides a good grip factor to the user of iPhone 5. Because iPhone 5 is not just any ordinary phone, taking care of it is the primary concern of every owner. Accidentally dropping it is a big No No! And in some cases where the phone accidentally slips into your hands, it’s still protected by the Musubo’s hard polycarbonate exterior. Another thing that caught my attention was that there is a little hole at the back of the case, which is a perfect resting place for the index finger, making it easy to hold the phone during texting, among others.

To help me decide on making this Retro Case by Musubo for iPhone 5 of my brother, I listed several important points which are posted below:

The Good Side


Slipping the iPhone 5 inside the Retro Case was no sweat because of the silicon rubber! The external layer of the case, which was made of polycarbonate layer, allows easy access of the external ports of the phone; even inserting the large head of the earphone jack is not a problem.

Because of its unique design, it’s certainly a head turner! Not to mention that it provides perfect protection to iPhone 5!

The Not so good side

The materials used pick up lint easily plus it starts to snag in a short span of time. Also, the silicon rubber starts to cover the home button of the phone in a week of using it. Plus, the Retro Case makes the iPhone 5 feel a little bit bulky.

Now, I should decide between the look and the durability. Anyway, Retro Case by Musubo for iPhone 5 is available in 5 different colors namely blue, red, black, silver and white. The pack also includes a Screen Protector, a Micro Fiber Fabric and Foldable Video Stand.


Retro Case by Musubo is available

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Istudio – Manila, Vmall, Shangri-la
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Bananatelcom – Davao
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Icenter – Davao
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SRP: Php 1,200

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