One of the best things about living in the Digital Age is that it makes learning music much easier to do than it has ever been before. There are more resources and tools available for students, teachers and even parents to use to make sure that a high quality musical education is possible.

Finding a Teacher

One of the best things about living in this era is being able to find trustworthy service providers with a few simple searches. A few years ago you were limited to only those people that your friends (and your kids’ friends) knew about. Now, for example, you can read TakeLessons reviews, Google, Yelp and use social media to check out potential teachers and schools to make sure you find someone who is the perfect fit.

Finding Music

Remember when, if you wanted to learn how to play a certain song on a specific instrument you had to go to the store and hope like crazy that they would have the sheet music available for you to buy? Now, thanks to the Internet, you can download any song for pretty much any instrument that you want to learn how to play. This can be really helpful when your kids are fighting the learning of the classics because they want to learn how to play the songs they listen to socially. You can download the sheet music and use it as incentive and reward for doing their music lesson homework.

Digital Learning Resources

Even if you can’t find (or afford) a teacher for your music lessons, there are plenty of additional resources available online.

You can utilize YouTube videos to learn about chord fingering, progression and hand placement. This is especially helpful if you have small hands and need to find ways to “cheat” chords, etc.

There are lots of digital tuning elements that you can buy. They utilize the sound card in your computer by helping you make sure that your instrument is in tune. These same tools can be used for singers to illustrate where they fall within the tones they are singing.

If you (or your kids) have any interest in music production or composition, there are programs out there that will help them learn how to do that as well. Garage Band is the program with which people are the most familiar, but there are others. The best are the programs that allow you to record yourself as you play your instrument and lay down tracks that way.

There are so many things that the future has made easier for musicians. Whether you need a teacher or want to compose a symphony, there is a tool or digital resource that will help you do that.

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