With a lot of sling bags (sometimes referred to as body bags) available in the market today, you may ask yourself, “Why should I buy Crumpler’s Flock of Horror?”

First and foremost, the Crumpler’s well-known “Guaranteed For life” and water-resistant bags may help you decide; the top opening of the Flock of Horror bag is waterproof and the zippers are designed to prevent the water from coming in, thus provide your valuable stuffs with maximum protection, especially in wet weather or during sea travel.

Furthermore, the Flock of Horror has four storage zones to offer safety to your important belongings. The main compartment is zippered, as well as, the internal utility pocket. A compartment for an iPad or similar gadget is placed on the twin gripper zippered rear portion but is perfectly cushioned to prevent damage to the gadget on accidental bumps. There is also a vertical front pocket which is also locked with a water-resistant zipper plus an accessory loop on the side for extra stuffs.

iPad and Laptop =D

The soft lining of the bag can never be missed even though it feels extraordinarily soft (unlike those cheap sling bags) at the rear compartment of the Flock of Horror, it is tough and beautiful (at the same time) as it is lined with brushed nylon. Aside from the soft lining, security is never compromised with the Crumpler’s Flock of Horror double security features.
Another common for Crumpler bags is its adjustable length strap that is also coupled with shoulder pad for extra comfort but can be removed anytime you want. Because it is a sling bag, it has a wide strap that has a length of approximately 38mm. Added is the Flock’s tri-glide buckle which can allow you the ergonomically adjust the bag to the position you’re most comfortable with.

shoulder pad

Personally, among the bags of Crumpler, this is what I love most as it seems perfect for me. You know, I’m not into shoulder bags because I feel like it can be snatched away from me easily. As for sling bags, though this may sound funny, I felt like when someone grabs the bag, I bet I’ll be going with it. So, obviously, sling bag or body bag is perfect for me. Aside from allowing me to move freely without having to worry about my bag, the compartments are also perfect for the gadgets and stuffs I always bring with me especially when I attend blogging events; not to mention that it’s waterproof and is tough, too!

Look, even my niece loves the bag

Crumpler’s Flock of Horror is available at all Crumpler Robinsons Magnolia, Crumpler Trinoma, Crumpler Bonifacio High Street, Crumpler SM Megamall , Crumpler Robinsons Manila for only Php 4,550.oo.

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