Aside from my online income generating “businesses”, I also have an offline business I call “KrazyPix Photobooth”. Although it is a “true business” existing in the “real world”, still I am very much aware that I need to make an online page for it to reach more target customers, to serve my patrons as fast as possible and respond to their queries in no time.

This is the reason why I tried, a page builder for products, events, or personal profiles that allows me to focus on the content of my page and not to worry about the technical details like inserting codes and the like. As of press time, I am still learning on how to take advantage of other features of, but so far, so good, not to mention that I have no problem with the loading speed.

Since I have been using Blogger and WordPress with all my other blogs, I got used to manipulating the codes and the tricks of getting things done. With, I sort of find it difficult to set up my page at first, but after just a while, I realized that it’s so easy as compared to setting up my blogs using Blogger and WordPress because does all the technical aspects of building a page and I only have to worry about the content of my page. has a collection of ready-made templates which I only have to choose, then, because of its drag and drop feature, putting contents for my page was also a no sweat! I bet those who are interested to build their own page, whether for personal or business, will find a big help because no coding skills or technical skills is required that even a noob (or a newbie) can do it alone without having to spend a lot of money to pay for professional site builders.

On the other hand, I have also read that if the account is upgraded to a paid one, a custom Facebook landing page is allowed, but I can’t find the button on how to set it up or if I still need to request for this feature. Another thing that is unclear to me is the storage; actually, I am not sure if the 5MB allotted for a free account is good for a month or a year, as well as, the 50MB for professional and Small Biz paid account is also for a month or a year.

If you want to see the page I built using, visit it here:

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