Supreme Court Violated Its Rulings?


The Philippine justice system has been in the spot light for quite some time especially during the impeachment proceedings of former Chief Justice Renato Corona. One of these controversies is the Supreme Court’s rulings in the case between the Pioneer Insurance and Surety Corporation against Keppel Cebu Shipyard Inc., a Singapore-based multinational company.

This case involved a P329- Million insurance liability claim filed by Pioneer Insurance against Keppel. The conflict rose on Feburary 8, 2000, when the Superferry 3 of WG&A was destroyed by fire while being dry-docked by Keppel inside its shipyard in Lapu-Lapu, Cebu. Being the insurer of WG&A, Pioneer paid WG&A approximatelyP360 Million. After doing so, Pioneer filed a suit against Keppel to recover the amount paid by it to WG&A. Pioneer believed that the liability must lie with the Keppel Company since according to investigations, the fire started due to negligence of one of Keppel’ personnel. Keppel argued that its liability is only up to P50 Million as stated in its repair agreement entered between the Company and WG&A.

Several appeals and motions for reconsideration have been applied to the Court of Appeals by both parties. The first proceeding occurred on November 18, 2002, wherein the CIAC declared that WG&A and Keppel were both liable on the said fire accident.  CIAC then awarded Pioneer the sum of P25 Million plus 6% interest p.a. from date of filing of complaint and 12% interest from date of finality until fully paid. Due to this ruling, both parties filed an appeal to the Court of Appeals.

On September 25, 2009, the Supreme Court Third Division awarded to Pioneer the net amount of approximately P329 Million, Keppel filed a MR, but after more than a year, SC issued an Entry of Judgment which certified that the decision it made a year ago become final and executory. This means that the decision of the SC on this issue can’t be questioned anymore in the future. Sad to say, this isn’t the case as the Supreme Court has violated its own rule. In September 2012, the SC opened the case again and modified its ruling as a response to the letter made by Keppel to then Chief Justice Corona questioning the Court’s decision.

Now, with the Supreme Court being “not firm” with its decisions, can we still trust the Philippine Justice System? Just asking.

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  1. There’s so much corruption in most judiciary systems which I think di n mababago sa Pilipinas. Sad and scary =(

  2. I know the feeling.I live in a country which has the same issues. Unfortunately nobody seems to care and I am left with no choice.

  3. I was never particularly inclined to politics and I’m not about to start. I may have lost all trust I have in our government altogether. But I’m still hoping that truth and justice will still be served.

  4. I would like to believe that this is just an isolated case. But somehow, after all the controversies the SC has been through, I can say that I don’t fully trust our justice system anymore.

  5. Sometimes, I always thought of myself if things such this in the country are justifiable. I mean, as I have observed, not all are that firm in decision making they are doing for our country, much more for sure when it comes to cases like this. :O Sana this time they will appoint someone good enough for the position in SC.

  6. Bakit nga ba walang kasong nareresolba dito sa bansa natin?

    Gaya na lang ng kaso ni Supreme Court chief justice Renato Corona at iba pang kaso na nakabinbin sa SC.

    Kahit naging kontrobersyal ang impeachment case ni Corona, sana nabigyan linaw ang lahat kung naisarado ng mga mahistrado ang kaso.

    Most of the cases filed at court have no basis in fact or law. Most of it are really harassment suits filed not for the purpose of attaining justice, but for the assuaging of a petty feeling of being snubbed or of being unappreciated and unrespected for the imagined power one holds.

    If your cases is 50 percent that way, you can be sure any resolution, regardless of how legalistic it may sound, will never make sense in terms of “paglilinaw” simply because the basis of the suit was in itself never “malinaw”, at pinupwersa nlang sa larangan ng hustisya na magkaroon ng hugis ng kalinawan, just to justify its existence.

  7. We all have different opinions about this matter talaga. Yung iba walang pakialam basta lang hindi sila involve sa mga cases. It’s sad because slow na nga ang justice system natin, paiba2 pa ng decisions ang SC,

  8. This reversal would literally affect the growth of the “matuwid na daan” economic gain based from the recent surveys. The influence of our counrty’s judicial system as well as political issues would pull down everyJuan’s effort to unleash the tiger and roar towards economic stability.

  9. Scary to know that this type of problem exists, and will continue. I can say that I don’t fully trust our justice system anymore.

  10. I can never understand why such has been happening. I wish I can take a peek at the system and see if my gut feel is right – money makes it go round and round.

  11. when the Supreme Court suddenly changes its decisions over something they have decided upon years ago, people simply cannot help but think that something has gone fishy somewhere, right?

    i hope someone will speak up to shed light into the matter….

  12. Di ko talaga maintindihan ang ating Korte Suprema. Sa kaso ng workers ng Dusit Thani Hotel kahit na ilang beses ng nag file ng MR ang palaging sinasabi ng SC ay may entry of judgment na kaya ayaw nilang buksan ang kaso kahit na mere shaving of heads na part of freedom expression ay isa ng illegal strike! 2nd kahi na retired na si Justice Ruben Reyes ay kasama pa rin sa nagdesisyon ng kaso ng Dusit Thani workers pero lahat yan ay di makita nila Justice Velasco. Kay di mo talaga maiaalis na mag isip na pera-pera na ba talaga ang labanan sa SC?

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