Safe Drinking Water is Essential

We all know what the importance of water (drinking water) in our life is. Without water human life as well as no life is possible in this planet.

Drinking water should be free from microorganisms, free from harmful chemical and other pollutants.

Consuming unsafe drinking water may lead to several water borne diseases, and other long term and chronic health problems. Provision of safe drinking water to each and every individual living in this planet is required.

With the increasing amount of chemicals getting into the water supply including traces of herbicides, pesticides, lead and chlorine, it is becoming essential to use some kind of home filtration like the one from Electrolux.

Electrolux Pure Advantage® Filtration Systems, featuring both Refrigerator Water Filters and Air Filters, work continuously to keep ice and water cleaner, and interior air and foods fresher.

Imagine pristine glaciers and crystal−clear mountain springs with each sip of sparkling filtered water. Our air filter helps reduce odor in your refrigerator so you can have your breakfast without tasting last night’s dinner.

To ensure optimum performance for crisp, clear water and fresh, odor-free air, be sure to change your filters every 3-6 months. You may check some electrolux home products parts like water and air filters on

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