Kobie Marketing has helped my business take its marketing plan and strategy to the next level. Over the last decade, our marketing plan always worked, but I thought that we were really missing an untapped market. I knew that we needed a fresh way of thinking about our marketing plan, so I contacted Kobie Marketing for assistance. Kobie Marketing works with some of the most successful companies in the country, and I had heard good things about them from other businesses in our area. I wanted my company to focus on innovative marketing strategies that utilized today’s technology. When I contacted Kobie Marketing, the representative was happy to explain CRM technology and other innovative marketing tools to me. After I gathered information from Kobie, I brought all of the information before our Board of Directors. Once they approved beginning a marketing relationship with Kobie Marketing, we were ready to get started. There are a lot of positives to our business relationship with Kobie Marketing. The firm has helped us develop a comprehensive loyalty program that rewards our most loyal customers. It also provides incentives for customers who refer new clients to us. This program has been very successful in building customer morale and boosting our yearly sales figures. Kobie Marketing has helped our company move into the technological age with our marketing plan. Our marketing materials are consistent and attractive, and customers know what to expect when they sign up for our products and services. We are very pleased with the service we have received from Kobie Marketing.

Mommy Iris

I'm a lifestyle and mommy blogger from the Philippines. Pinay Ads was created to share bits and pieces of my life and my family. I have a wide array of interests that include entertainment, movies, music, gadgets, traveling, food, baking, and more. So, I hope you’ll stick around and enjoy reading!

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