Inboosta Travel Booster: My New Travel Companion

Being a blogger requires me to be frequently online so as to update my social media statuses, get updated with the latest buzz that are of my interests plus, of course, update my blogs. Now, the problem comes when I’m not home or not in a comfy place to switch on my desktop or laptop and get myself “busy” with my online “businesses”. This is where my smart phone enters the scene and saves me from this issue.

As the name suggests, smart phones are “multitaskers” and one of these tasks is their ability to get me online even on the go! As most of us already know, turning on the mobile data of the phone consumes much power, thus draining our battery sooner than expected. With this scenario, you can just imagine how hard it is to be on the go with a dead phone, not to mention the fact of putting yourself in an embarrassing situation of lurking for your phone charger inside your bag to the point of turning its content upside down; then the worst part is finding an establishment that allows you to charge (either its free or with fee).

inboosta001I’m just glad that I found my new travel companion – the inboosta Travel Booster – a power bank portable battery charger. I got the pink Inboosta Travel Booster IB5200RP 5,200mAh for only Php 2, 490.00, a very affordable price when compared to other leading brands that are available in the market today. In addition, I love its design and color, a real “eye candy”!.Plus it is compatible to almost all portable devices because the pack comes with several adapters for PSP, Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry, iPad and iPhone devices, among others.

Aside from these features, what I also love about inboosta Travel Booster is that it has a high voltage fuse so as to avoid over-current supply to the device. Inboosta also has an auto detect system for a much more efficient charging with no device overheating aside from its capacity to auto shut-off when charging is done, thus avoid over charging of the device.


inboosta output



So far, the only thing I dislike about it is that when I tried it on my MyPhone phone, inboosta Travel Booster just turned it on for a little while then the device shuts down, I guess it’s incompatible, or maybe it’s just my phone because I haven’t tried it with other MyPhone phones yet. Though it works on iPhone, iPad, Blackberry =D



Anyway, other inboosta Travel Booster are also available such as inboosta Travel Booster 4,400 mAh for only Php 1,990 and inboosta Travel Booster 6,000 mAh for only Php 2,990. You can grab one from all Digital Hub, Digital Walker and Beyond the Box outlets Nationwide!

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