I think most of you agree that technology has come a long way and it doesn’t appear to be stopping any time soon. Throughout the years the technology has improved greatly. These improvements included machines that were more powerful and lighter.

The gadgets that we are using nowadays, like the computer, mobile phones or digital cameras, are things that people can only envision decades ago. I’m sure no one in 1865 would have believed such a thing, however, modern technology has made this dream a reality. Even simple household items like Miele Vacuum cleaners or rice cookers were designed to make our like simpler but more productive.

Some thinks technology is giving un an upgrade. n the past, trains and planes are not available to everyone, so people are not able to see different parts of the world. Even though there was ships, horses etc. kind of transport, they still posses a great risk when in usage. So in the modern age technology has taken a great leap to give us safe and accessible mode of transport to other parts of the world.

But others think that technology has replaced almost everything. Technology is in everything and everywhere. It’s in your house, your school, in stores, and even at the park. Technology is all around us. Technology has replaced things like books and magazines. It’s also replaced CDs, tapes, and records. Now, everything is done digitally. Even shopping!

One of my friend said, “All this time we spend online or in front of the T.V. etc., is unhealthy. Things like staying on the computer for long periods of time can rewire your brain, and cause depression. This is not living. To live is to explore the world around us. To live is to take risks and do something dangerous. To live is to go outside and run around in your sprinklers. To live is to stand outside your lover’s window while throwing rocks at it. To live is to go out with friends to actually SHOP. To live is to splurge on little things like dinner at a fancy restaurant. This is not living. Turn off your device. Go outside. Live.”

What do you think? Have advances in technology improved our lives or are we becoming too dependent?

Mommy Iris

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