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7 Historical Points that Happened on Bed

Here are some notable and curious historical events that happened on bed. From historical figures that were governing the country who died while sick or wounded, to those who were in the act of intimacy and died, there are even a few scenarios that occurred while in chambers.

1. Born in a Manger

The most popular and the most significant of all the beds in history is not even an actual bed, it was a humble manger in Betlehem, where Jesus Christ was born. Christ grew up to be the single most important historical figure that significantly changed and impacted the world. And it all started with his birth in his make shift bed. What historical figure has had a bigger impact than Jesus?

2. Death of a French President

The title holder of the most bizarre deathbed in history would have to go to this old French President. His scandalous and unimaginable death occured in a brothel, French President Rualare (1841-1899) died while having sex on a bed at the local bordello. To make it more interesting, responders had to have his member surgically removed, thus changing the course of French history.

3. The Infamous King who Died on His Wedding Night

Attilla the Hun died in bed supposedly while having sex with his 12th wife, thus ending his rein of terror. It couldn’t have happened to a more ruthless and diabolical individual. He was simply one of the more notorious figures to die during his time in the bedchamber while with his wife, on his wedding night.

4. The Pope Who Died while Making Love

Pope Leo the VII 936-939 supposedly died in the act of making love while in his chambers. Needless to say, a new pope was appointed shortly there after.

5. Murdered by a Jealous Husband

He was not the only point to have died in the bedroom or while lying down. Another of the popes that was involved in a amourus display were Pope John XIII 964-972 who was supposedly murdered by an irate husband while making love to the man’s wife. The links between popes and sex and their deaths during the act are quite well known. Some other popes who have died during this time, while in bedchambers were some of the other lessor known pontiffs, but significant in history nonetheless. Sex may have taken place in the boudoir and certainly the procedure that transpired there led to the events that culminated in the person’s death – not exactly a good way to have the most out of your bed time. This is simply some of the ways that bedchambers have played important roles in the making of history. This is a way that these events seemed to have played out with the particular pontiffs in question.

6. Death of a Beloved President

Abraham Lincoln died on a bed and was the first of the assassinations to rock the political world. His death shocked Washingtonians and the members of a nation still reeling from the civil war. Fortunately, the end of the Civil war was upon us and slaves had been emancipated, although the death of Lincoln led to national mourning and the appointment of the new president Johnson – a man who was quite different than Lincoln, and not in favor of all of his policies.

7. The US President who Died from Polio

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was diagnosed with polio in bed. He later died while still in office at his Warm Springs Georgia vacation home. Lucy Mercer the woman with whom he had a decades long affair was by his side when he suffered the fatal brain attack. His death led to the presidency of Harry Truman. Like Lincoln, Roosevelt had given leadership during the dark days of world war II so some of the most dramatic days in history were already over, but this is something that still sent shock waves through the American public.

These are just a few of the many pivotal points that took place during the time when historical figures were in their very own old version of tempurpedic beds. Obviously, there were individuals who passed classified information during the time when they were in the bedroom or boudoir. These are simply some of the well-known events that happened during different historical time periods. All of the the makings of history that have happened in the bedroom will never be known, but suffice it to say there were several that transpired there. There are many things that have happened in bedrooms that we probably should not know about, deals made etc. These are some of the many things that have changed the course of history. One will not always read about these events in history books but some may have had a substantial historical impact. It is truly fascinating he things that have happened while people were in their private moments.

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