Christmas is finally here. During this season, besides celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, for most people, it is a time for partying, drinking, indulging, having reunions, overeating and running around like a headless chicken from event to event and shop to shop. No wonder it is called the silly season.

We can’t blame it. ‘Tis the season to eat, drink and be merry. However, keeping healthy at Christmas can be a challenge. With all those party invites and mouth-watering Christmas meals and sweets like cakes and salads, it can be a bit difficult to say “no”. That is why more and more people are gaining an unhealthy amount of weight. And one morning, you’ll just find yourself stressed over those extra kilos.

But who says Christmas should be unexciting? We can still eat those sweets but in a healthy way. How is that possible? It is possible, with the use of Splenda, a healthy alternative to sugar. Splenda is actually a sweetener that’s sugar-free and low calorie. You’ll get to enjoy the same sweet taste for it contains one gram of soluble fiber per packet.

All too often, our health gets neglected during the holidays as the hectic Christmas season takes over our lives. But it doesn’t have to be this way. This holiday season doesn’t have to be a time where you let go of your health (and waistline).

Here are some tips to stay healthy and prepared this Christmas:

  1. Keep everything in moderation, whether in eating or drinking. Remember that too much is bad.
  2. Always be conscious of your food choices. You can enjoy everything without overindulging and heading home suffering from indigestion. A smaller plate will help you keep your eyes to only try smaller portions of every dish.
  3. Be a liver-lover and drink responsibly. Wines and other alcoholic beverages cannot be avoided in a party. Just so you know, alcoholic beverages are also loaded with calories. Intersperse those alcoholic drinks with water. Less embarrassment, fewer calories.
  4. Have an Exercise. Especially if you do feel you have overdone it a bit. Who would want to have those loose and flabby bodies?
  5. Prepare a healthy menu. Whether it’s Christmas or not, good eating habits starts at our own home. It is advisable that you plan a Christmas menu loaded with healthy options. What’s good here is that you’ll know to yourself all the ingredients of the food you’re going to eat. Using alternative ingredients and the methods by which the food were prepared can actually do wonders, without sacrificing taste, rich flavors, and your health. For example, instead of using sugar for your dessert, try to use Splenda. Superior taste of Splenda with health benefits are really a plus in making your healthy menu.

    SPLENDA is the known healthy alternative sweetener brand that can help us live healthy without giving up on the sweet taste we all love. It can remove ¾ of the calories that comes from sugar just by substituting it with Splenda. SPLENDA is the only Low Calorie Sweetener (LCS) brand that comes closest to the taste of sugar (no bitter aftertastes) is healthy for you (no calories).

    Now, healthy consumption doesn’t need to be boring. You can get the same sweet taste with the superior taste of SPLENDA coupled with health benefits.

So what do you think about these tips? Your comments are highly appreciated.

This Christmas, we shouldn’t subject ourselves to guilty pleasures but delight in simple pleasures without the guilt. With Splenda, there’s a lot you can do to encourage healthier Christmas without ruining the fun.

Stay tuned for more tips and information about Splenda!

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  1. Some says the holidays can be an excuse to over-eat, yeah possibly. Nevertheless, its good to know that there are products like Splenda which at least helps out those people who really can’t resist.

  2. Delicious food and drinks during the Christmas season is really hard to resist because it’s the season to be merry, and eating/drinking are part of being merry, but you’re right, if we use sugar-free products, like Splenda, then we’re bound to have a healthier Christmas!

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