Healthy Baking with the Kiddos

It’s never too late to introduce kids to healthy eating and food preparation. What better way to bond with your kids than to have a healthy baking project during the Christmas season. Now is the best time to get your kiddos to spend quality time with you baking sweet treats made healthier with Splenda. While some people get turned off with the taste of healthy food, the truth is that it could be just as tasty and flavorful. Appreciating healthy treats is just a matter of changing the perception of healthy food being bland and boring – and with Splenda, you wouldn’t really notice any difference in flavor.


Healthy food can be fun and exciting too if you know how to choose the right ingredients. Make it a sweet Christmas bonding time with your child as you teach him the value of healthy foods prepared with Splenda no calorie food sweetener.


Follow these tips and have a fun and healthy baking (and eating) experience this yuletide season:

  1. Choose a recipe that is easy to follow. Depending on the age and cooking experience of your child, you can choose the appropriate recipe for your baking project. A batch of Just-Like-Mom’s Chocolate Chip Cookies is easy enough for young bakers to manage. The ingredients are also easy enough to purchase. In fact, you could already have them in your pantry. The superior taste of Splenda makes this treat a delicious and healthy snack for your kiddos.
  2. Find a recipe with ingredients that your kid likes to eat. If your child does not like nuts, it would not be a good idea to choose a recipe that has nuts in it. No matter how wonderfully flavorful Splenda makes your dish, it would be difficult to get your child to enjoy it. Try making Banana Mini-Chip Muffins – bananas and chocolate are two of the most popular foods for children.
  3. Prepare your tools and ingredients ahead of time. Make sure that you have everything that you need for your healthy baking project. You cannot bake your Cranberry Apple Pie without cranberries, could you? Read the recipe carefully and bring out your baking implements. If you need to do some slicing and chopping, you can do so beforehand to do away with sharp knives when your child joins you to bake your sweet and healthy Splenda treat.

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