Greatest Christmas Gift Suggestions for 2012: Apple iPhone 5

Who doesn’t want to gift their near and dear ones something great this Christmas? Here is a specially designed series where you would find the best products which you can gift your relatives and loved ones on this Christmas. There are few things which form ultimate choice for everyone as a gift. It makes your dear one go crazy and gaga after seeing the product as their gifts. One such item is Apple iPhone 5. It is recognized as one of the hottest launches of the 2012. It is tremendously successful much like the previous versions of the iPhone series.

IPhone 5 can be used as a great source of gift for almost anyone. It is a gift which people of every age will love, be it anyone your spouse, your kids or your parents. It is a gift for anyone and everyone who is close to you and worthy. You can easily browse the internet, check your mails at any point of time no matter wherever you are, watch video or full movies, stay connected to your friends online with all the social networking sites, make use of GPS, play games as time pass and a lot more. Though, the phone may go a bit expensive on your budget but if it can bring a smile on your loved ones face then there is nothing better than that.

Some of the specifications of this amazing Apple model are:

Display: The display of the iPhone 5 is 4.0 inches. The Retina display screen supports 640 x 1136 mega pixels along with the tremendous 326ppi resolution. It even supports a Corning Gorilla Glass Protection

Processor: It supports a dual core 1.2GHz processor with a RAM of 1GB.

Camera: It features an 8 megapixel Autofocus camera along with LED Flash

Operating System: The operating system of Apple iPhone 5 is iOS 6

Weight: the device weighs about 112grams

However, there are some other options available for you, on which you can have a look. You can check out the other alternatives before ordering this amazingly beautiful and technical Smartphone. However, a person who falls in love with iPhone 5 can never fall for any other gadget.

Why we don’t go for Any Alternative other than iPhone 5?

Though Android has developed a lot in the past few years but still the user experience and navigation you receive on the iPhone is simply stunning and unmatchable. The user friendly interface of iOS 6 cannot be compared to any Android version. iOS provides you with a complete different and Premium feel than any of its Android equivalent.

Talking about the other counterparts, Windows Phone 7.5 or 8 is presently a no match to the Apple operating system. They are simply not at the standard of Android or iOS. Undoubtedly, Windows Phone 8 looks quite a sturdy product, but the apps play a major role in the operating system of Smartphones. Windows definitely needs a long time to compete with the operating system of the iPhone.

Thus, after comparing it is proved that no other gift could be as amazing as iPhone 5 for this Christmas.

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