Electrolux UltraView Compact Dishwasher – Perfect for your lifestyle needs

Electrolux Philippines recently unveiled its newest innovative product, the UltraView Compact Dishwasher.

As the first compact dishwasher in the market with a see-through window, dishwashing will be made faster, easier and more fun as families will get to see first-hand the cleaning process of their dishes while giving them more time to do things. With its 5 functional wash modes, cleaning dishes can be made customized to specific kitchenwares to ensure it will be cleaned properly without wasting water or electricity.

Compact and practical, the Electrolux UltraView dishwasher is perfect for people with busy lifestyles.

With this, we are sharing with you this press release announcing this new innovative appliance from Electrolux!

UltraView Compact Dishwasher – Perfect for your lifestyle needs

Bring your perfect meal to a spotless finish with the new Electrolux UltraView see-through window dishwasher.

Hand washing dishes can be a real chore, but with the new Electrolux UltraView see-through window dishwasher, it’s all fun and no work. Real labor and time saving devices, the Electrolux UltraView Compact Dishwasher is perfect for people with busy lives and busy kitchens.

Washing dishes isn’t the most complicated chore we have to do. Likewise, the UltraView dishwasher isn’t the most complicated appliance in the kitchen. Its easy-to-use intuitive touch controls let you easily wash your dishes at a press of a button. The uniquely designed see-through window allows you to have a full view of your dishes while they are being cleaned. Its 6 plate settings make it effortless for you to wash all your everyday dishes in one go, conveniently taking care of your chores and frees up your time for the things that matter most.

Designed for a small-space lifestyle, the UltraView dishwasher can be placed on your counter top or even a kitchen shelf – allowing you to install it where you want it. Despite its compact size, you will never have to sacrifice performance for space. The UltraView dishwasher features 5 wash programs ranging from a quick 40° rinse to a 70° wash, giving you perfectly hygienic results.

Dishwashers use less energy, water and soap than hand washing. Triple A rated for perfect washing and drying results at low energy consumption, the UltraView dishwasher minimizes germs and bacteria and maximizes cleanliness for you and your family.

Once thought to be luxury appliances, dishwashers have now evolved into must-have time-saving kitchen appliances. With Electrolux’s special introductory price of P16,000.00 with free dishwasher tabs, the UltraView dishwasher is a practical kitchen must-have.

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