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I just returned from a 3-day family getaway in Hong Kong. Since it’s not every day that we visit Hong Kong, my family and I had a very hectic “schedule” from day 1 up to day 3. Actually most of our days there are spent walking, endless walking as I may call it.

Now that I’m back, all the tiring activities we did are just starting to “sink in” that I felt so drained, so burned out. I felt like all my energy has been consumed, even my “stored energy” (lol). While I am writing this post, I think I’m going to get sick or am I already sick?

No! I have so many things to do still and I need to take medicines. After all, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, right? Of course, aside from those anti-flu meds, I still have to take my daily vitamins to boost my immune system and help me get going.

I don’t take just any multivitamins, I take Conzace because I know that Conzace has all the necessary requirements, from A – Zinc, that my immune system needs in order to better help my white blood cells to become more stronger, thus strengthen my immune system to help me prevent from getting sick.

In addition, I usually take Conzace before bedtime so that while my cells are renewing, I also get to have a good night sleep! For only P12.50 per capsule, I get to boost my immunity to the maximum! No usual vitamin C doses anymore as it’s incomplete. With Conzace capsule that contains as much as 500mg of Vitamin C, 100 IU of Vitamin E, 25mg of Zinc plus enough dose of Vitamin A, I am rest assured that I get all the multivitamins I need to develop, multiply and intensify the protection of my white blood cells, which are responsible for boosting my immune system, plus the benefits I get from the antioxidant properties it contains.

The secret to strong immunity is in our white blood cells

As you may know, Zinc is the one which multiplies the amount of white blood cells therefore increasing my protection against sickness; and because of this, Conzace has the highest Zinc (25mg) content when compared to other multivitamin brands here in the country.

So, for heavy duty immunity, take Conzace now! It’s been prescribed by doctors for years and available in all leading drug stores nationwide.

For more info about Conzace, you may visit their Facebook page here:

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