While I was about to start writing about the PLDT Telpad, this pick up line suddenly crossed my mind:

Q: Telpad Ka Ba?

A: Bakeeeeet???

Q: Kasi lahat ng hanap ko nasa iyo na eh…

Yes, everything you’re looking for is in the new PLDT Telpad! How do you spell that? Let me make it plain and simple for you:

T – TelMeHow App

This application is only exclusive to all Telpad subscribers. If you are the type of person who loves to know a little (or big) of everything – from recipes, fashion, music, videos, pictures, down to the links to websites – then TelMeHow App from PLDT Telpad is perfect for you! Here, you can learn things that you’re interested in.

So, the next time a friend or family pays you a visit, you can surprise them with your “new talent” that you have learned from the app!

E – Exclusive Access

With PLDT Telpad, you will get exclusive access on movie trailers and schedules, latest on weather bulletin, information on horoscopes, online magazines, beauty and fashion, health and wellness, the hottest entertainment news and a lot more!

All these and more right at your fingertips! Thanks to askPLDT for making this possible.

L – Landline

With the viral use of mobile phones, the need to have a landline is still in demand due to various services that only “it” can provide. With PLDT Telpad, having a landline makes you enjoy basic features such as unlimited calls with nationwidest coverage not to mention the Direct Dialing Access for NDD and IDD! All at an affordable bundle price!

To convince you more, landline features from PLDT Telpad also include contact list, call history, call hold or pause, speakerphone, call forwarding/waiting, 3-way conference and most importantly, the caller ID feature, which can help you decide on whether to answer the call or not (lol).

P – Price

Yeah, price, I bet this is what you’re excited to know first, right? I tell you, there’s no need to “say hi” to those loan sharks (^_^). The price bundle is much affordable as compared to what you’re going to get with PLDT Telpad.

You can choose from the following Telpad plans depending on your speed specifications:
• Plan 1849 @ up to 1.5Mbps
• Plan 2099 @ up to 2.0Mbps
• Plan 3095 @ up to 3.5Mbps
• Plan 4100 @ up to 5.5Mbps

Very reasonable price plan for all the features that you’ll get, right?

A – Android

In this era, who doesn’t know about Android? Well, to make you up to date, PLDT Telpad comes with a tablet with Android Operating System (OS) that lets you enjoy a wide variety of free and paid apps! I guess I don’t have to elaborate more on this, you know this already, don’t you?

D – Digital

What about Digital? PLDT Telpad lets you enjoy web browsing and utilize its multimedia features such as pictures, videos and music among others! Digital world is really amazing, agree?

Now, are you ready to sign up for a PLDT Telpad plan of your choice? Wait, I suggest you vote for this post first, then sign up for a PLDT Telpad upgrade online so that you can grab a free 16G Micro SD from PLDT – the leading telecommunications company in the country!

Casting your vote is easy

  • please visit the PLDT TelPad Bloggers’s Challenge page here: http://telpad.pldthome.com/bloggerspromo.aspx
  • look for my name, Iris Camille Mejia, inside the bloggers’ gallery
  • or go to this page directly: http://bloggerspromo.projectpagsulong.com/blog/why-pldt-telpad-everything-you-need
  • then share it by clicking the Facebook and Twitter buttons. You can also click the “I wanna Get Telpad”. No sweat! You can do this every after 4 hours.
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