The Boom, The Knock and The Pop by Coloud


Since Christmas is just around the corner, you may start your Christmas shopping early because it will allow you to take the time to find Christmas gifts that your loved ones will truly enjoy; plus gift items are much cheaper during this time as when buying them during Christmas season.

And speaking of gifts, if you need a special gift for the music lover in your life, you may check out these cool headphones from Coloud.

Available in three models (The Boom, The Knock, and The Pop), Coloud offers a brand new line of highly durable and affordable headphones.

To help you decide on which model/s to give your music-lover loved ones that will perfectly fit their needs, please continue reading…

The Boom

This is perfect for those music lovers who prefer a “booming” sound quality with this Coloud’s model. If they love to listen to music with “greatly mixed” bass but with vibrant and crisp sound, then this is for them.

Not just that! With The Boom’s soft-cushioned cans covered with nice-to-feel leather that is prudently designed to fit the ears which is enough to take away environment noise when listening to music or any audio, plus it has durable and flexible headbands, this Coloud model is more than perfect!


  • Driver 40mm dynamic
  • Sensitivity 100mV @ 1kHz = 101dB SPL
  • Impedance 32 ohm
  • Frequency Range 20.0 ~ 20.0 kHz
  • Weight 132 g / 4.65 oz

Price: Php 1,850.00

The Knock

Coloud’s The Knock headphone model may somewhat look similar with The Boom headphone at first glance, but given a closer look, the cans are different when it comes to its covering because it’s foam-like.

Coloud boasts this model as it is ergonomically designed to follow the head shape of the user, thus providing maximum comfort while enjoying a high quality audio just like The Boom. Another difference of The Knock is that its cans do not fully cover the ears so outside noise can still be heard.

Now, this is a perfect gift for those who are always on the go, or always on travel and still loves to listen to music because conversations can still be heard at the same time.


  • Driver 40mm dynamic
  • Sensitivity 100mV @ 1kHz = 85dB SPL
  • Impedance 32 ohm
  • Frequency Range 20.0 ~ 20.0 kHz
  • Weight 78 g / 2.75 oz

Price: Php 1,450.00

The Pop

Last, but definitely not the least in the list is The Pop by Coloud. Among the three, this is the less sophisticated cheaper model but still provides a decent sound quality when you manually tweak with your own audio settings.

Unlike with The Boom and The Knock, The Pop is an in-ear headphone model that is likewise ergonomically designed to fit your ears, plus it comes with additional two (2) ear cap sizes just in case you have either a large or small ear holes.

You can even interchange the left earpiece with the right one, without hurting your ears! With this headphone, you can obviously be drowned in “your own world”, since it’s an in-ear type.


  • Driver 9mm dynamic
  • Sensitivity n/a
  • Impedance 32 ohm
  • Frequency Range 20.0 ~ 20.0 kHz
  • Weight 16g / 0.56 oz

Price: Php 950.00

Aside from the distinct characteristics of each model, the three models all come with a mic and 3-click remote to play/pause/answer calls, next and rewind. These mic and remote can also be used for listening to audio, voice recording and answering calls, which is really functional and “multitasking” like me.

Also, the three models prevent wire clattering with the Coloud’s Zound Lasso where you can wrap the wires and save you time untangling it later.

Overall, I absolutely love these headphones! Good sound quality, look nice, and stay in ears – these are everything I look for in headphones or earphones. How about you? What do you look for when you shop for your headphones?

Get these perfect Christmas gift for your music-lover loved ones in the following retail outlets nationwide:

  • Astrovision
  • Automatic Center
  • Avant
  • Beyond The Box
  • Bratpack
  • Buzz
  • Digital Hub
  • Digital Walker
  • Electroworld
  • iCenter
  • iGig
  • iStore
  • iStudio
  • iStudio
  • Mobile 1
  • Power Hub
  • Technoholics
  • Urbanathletics

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    1. What I look for when finding the right earphones are those with high quality with an affordable price, the right amount of “crispiness” when it comes with the sound, and the right amount of bass as well.. I think the pop has it!

  1. I always look for the brand,style, price and durability of the headset. Usually kasi may mga headset na mumurahin pero as usual desposable lang.. So I’d rather buy a little bit pricy but really worth my money 🙂

  2. i’m looking for an earphone with a good sound that is a big thing then the style if its trendy and fashionable and also i will look for the prize if its affordable. 🙂 your coloud headphones are so cute. want to have that. Finges cross.

  3. whenever I look for headphones to buy, I always see to it that it’s ergonomically designed and that the sound quality is not compromise.

    I like my headphones to be uniquely designed and that it won’t hurt my ear… and most importantly, it must fit my budget…

    I know Coloud’s The Knock will surely meet my needs…Can’t wait to ahve them, sis! lol….

  4. First, I usually look at the color and style of the headphone. Then, I check for the sound quality. 🙂

  5. I'd lurrrve to win The Knock. Would be a perfect travel buddy 🙂 I'm actually currently looking for a headphone that gives that boom boom pow to bass beats!

  6. When I buy headphones, I make sure that quality is good, as well as the style. I look for ones which will fit my ears and head perfectly, plus will produce great sound quality with just the right amount of bass.

  7. When looking for earphone/headphone, Ofcourse quality comes first. The sound must be accurate and no extra sounds like tiny herts echoing. i also want earphone that sound can be controlled, i dont like really loud earphone and it ache my eardrums. i want a sound that is enough audible and CLEAR. i haven’t use a coloud’s earphone yet but i guess it’s awesome. plus, i like the colouds Color scheme. they use modern shades of color which i think is nice. ofcourse, headphone are nice display.

  8. whey i buy headphones/earplugs, i first look at its quality of sound & hope it won’t ruin the music. and of course, i love buying cute yet high quality and affordable ones 🙂

  9. the headset that i am looking for is the one that emits a good quality of sound and the one that won’t break easily..

  10. i prefer headphones with high sound quality and the one that fits perfectly in my ear.. i also love it when its cute 🙂

  11. when buying headphones, i prefer long-lasting ones even if it’s costly.. i know it’ll be worth the price 🙂

  12. When I shop for headphones, I usually look at its design, color and style. Its quality is also an important thing to consider.

  13. Must be high quality and plus points if it’s cute & stylish 🙂 doesn’t matter if it is pricey as long as i get satisfaction with what i bought and each peso spent is worth it.

  14. When I go shop for headphones I always look on how good the quality is. I want to have the best headphones. I dont care about the price as long as it lasts long.

  15. What I look for a headphone when I go to shop one is it’s affordability yet, It offers you a variety of styles, and have the best quality! 🙂

  16. If I look for a headphones in any shop, I, first will check the sound quality and also the styles which could complement to my phone. I’m very fond of cute things so might as well look for the best one! 🙂

  17. I look for the earphones that are durable (in a way that it will last with me for a longer time) but cheap earphones. I’m not fond of bigger type of headphones, but I do love in-earphones.

  18. those that are just right and affordable. i remember i bought one for my bf and in less than half a year, it’s broken already. I’m trying to look for the durability and nice sounds too. 🙂

  19. I wanted it to be comfortable when you plug it into yours ears with a good sound quality. 🙂
    The appearance of the headphone is also a plus for me. 😀

  20. i look for good quality of sounds with durable headphone. After testing the quality of sounds, next I look for the color and design. Of course i have to factor in if the headphone is within my budget 🙂

  21. Of course the first thing is the quality and it’s just a bonus if it has a nice design and color just like the Coloud headphones/headsets.

  22. When it comes to my headphones, I make sure they’re at its best inside and out! They should have this striking and eye-catching design. Not to mention sound quality, affordability and long-lasting durability ☺

  23. In choosing headphones, I go for the ones that do not compromise comfort with good sound quality and chic style. 🙂

  24. What do you look for when you shop for your headphones?
    Answer: I look for high volumed headphones. I also want its sound quality to be near to perfection.
    The design is only a “plus” factor for me. And lastly, the durability of the headphone.

  25. When buying a headphone, I look for certain qualities like:
    1. Sound Quality
    2. Portability (does it take too much space when I put it in my bag?)
    3. Durability

  26. I always look for the durability, the sound quality and affordability of an earphone or headphone. Also, I like earphone/headphones where bass is really good because I really love to bang with it. 🙂

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