Smart C+ for Bodies on the Go Whenever, Wherever

The fast paced lifestyle of today necessitates healthy habits to ensure that our activities don’t take a toll on our health. Regular exercise and proper diet may be difficult to maintain for some, but sticking to healthy refreshments should be easy for anyone to follow especially when there are great tasting health drinks available. About a year ago, I discovered a refreshing drink that can boost our immune system and keep us on the go all the time, and that is Oishi’s Smart C+. It is a natural fruit juice drink that packs 500mg of vitamin C in every 500ml bottle.

Smart C+’s popularity has grown a lot since I first tried it and it is still expected to grow with its new endorser Slater Young.

Smart C+ is one of the things that make Slater “Ready for Whatever”. Just like Slater, I have enjoyed the health benefits of this great tasting drink. Aside from being an immune booster and an antioxidant, Vitamin C also helps in the production of collagen which is essential in keeping cells healthy. Another thing I like about the drink is that it has no added preservatives nor artificial flavors and coloring, an all natural ingredients drink which is just right for a healthy lifestyle.

Slater Young’s all natural appeal makes him a perfect endorser for this all natural drink. This charming Chinoy made his mark as the Big Winner of the Pinoy Big Brother: Unlimited Edition and has been recognized as a good role model for the youth. This hotshot engineer of Cebu has plenty of energy to pursue his passions on and off cam, and also his responsibilities in being one of the ambassadors of World Vision and Habitat for Humanity Philippines.

Just like Slater, Oishi’s Smart C+ also has different facets that we can enjoy. It is available in Lemon Squeeze, Orange Crush, and Pomelo Grapefruit. Giving us three healthy ways to arm the body with vitamin C and keep us ready for whatever, whenever and wherever. So there’s no stopping you with Smart C+!

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