Leaving the Scars Behind and Moving On to a Better You

There are life experiences that leave marks or scars on our skin. Those who had an active and adventurous childhood probably have scars on their knees and elbows from scrapes while playing. The boys may get away with an interesting or macho story behind their scars, but this isn’t the case when it comes to girls. Having a scar can affect the way women dress up or carry themselves, and even result to loss of confidence or esteem. The “Move On Club” event of Contractubex ointment showed us how to combat this dilemma and help women move away from the scars and towards a carefree and fulfilling life ahead.

Our parents knew the value of great looking skin for women. Just ask the women who have parents that always keep a pot of cebo de macho in their medicine kit during the 80s. When I got the invite to the “Move On Club” event, I thought that this may be the answer to the scars that the cebo de macho couldn’t remove, and I wasn’t mistaken. It was a fun and very informative gathering. Four lovely women shared their experiences with having scars, that prevented them from enjoying life to the fullest, and how they were able to overcome it.

Pretty actress Maricar Reyes led the group of Contractubex brand ambassadors in telling us about the benefits of this clinically proven treatment to reduce the appearance of unsightly marks or scars.

Contractubex has a triple combination that consists of Cepae Extract, Heparin and Allantoin, that reduces swelling and prevents excessive scar formation. All you have to do is to apply it on the affected area 3 to 4 times a day or as directed by your physician. At the earliest, you can already see results within a period of three months. It works best if you apply it while the scar is still fresh.

Brand ambassadors Laarni Burgos, Janice Lagman and Emie Miranda also shared their scar experience with us and how Contractubex was able to help them. They are living proofs that this ointment can result to scar less or flawless skin with continuous use.

Scar removal technology has gone a long way since cebo de macho. Keloids Hypertrophic or raised scars or any type of scar is nothing to worry about when you have Contractubex ointment to help you erase your scars and help you move on with your life.

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