Nourishing Skin from One Generation to the Next with Johnson’s Baby Milk Products


My mommy friends and I had a wonderful TGIF experience last October 12, 2012 at the Mom’s Nourishing Spa event held at Watson’s SM Makati.  It was a celebration for caring moms sponsored by Johnson’s Baby Milk to pamper the hardworking mothers of today.  We enjoyed the pampering experience from the pleasant hand massage and nice treats that were given away. I also discovered an easy and practical way to baby my skin with the right nourishment everyday through Johnson’s Baby Milk Bath and Johnson’s Baby Milk Lotion.

Most of my mommy friends prefer to be hands on in caring for their babies.  One of the common concerns that we often talk about is the dry, rough and dull skin that new moms had to endure during the first few months after giving birth.  This is usually the period wherein moms focus most of their attention to the little one and have barely enough time for their skin care regimen.  Having an unhealthy and dull looking skin can affect one’s confidence and cause some discomfort not just for moms but for the baby too.  It was good that the celebrity moms, Ria Tanjuatco-Trillo and chef Rosebud Benitez, at the event shared their tips on how to keep our skin nourished and looking good despite our busy schedules.

Here is what I’ve learned from them:

Contrary to our previous beliefs, chocolates and nuts are actually good for our skin.  Chocolates have Flavonoids that help protect skin from harmful rays of the sun while nuts like almonds and walnuts are rich in Vitamin E that helps keep skin supple and moisturized.  Adding these types of food in our regular diet is an effortless way to care for our skin.  Another effective way to achieve healthy and well nourished skin is by using tried and tested products like the New Johnson’s Baby Milk Line.


Their Baby Milk Line provides double nourishment with natural milk proteins and Vitamins A & E that gently cares for mommy and baby skin.  My mom used Johnson’s Baby products on us when we were growing up so I know that they only make use of mild ingredients that is not harmful to the baby’s sensitive skin.  This New Baby Milk Bath is also perfect for moms because it effectively moisturizes our skin while gently lifting old skin cells, revealing a new and younger looking skin underneath.  The anti-oxidant and skin rejuvenating properties of Vitamins A and E compliments the benefits of the natural milk proteins.  The result is healthy skin inside and out.

Though I’m not yet a mom, and I am already 30 yrs old, I also enjoy using Johnsons’ Baby Milk Bath.  I have sensitive skin that tends to easily dry when I use soap with strong ingredients.  I tried using soap bars for sensitive skin but I still experienced some skin dryness.  If my sensitive skin doesn’t react well to these bar soaps then I wonder how it fares on the more sensitive skin of babies.

I loved the Johnsons Baby Milk Bath when I tried it for the first time.  My skin felt soft and smooth after use.  I also tried the Johnson’s Baby Milk Lotion which is perfect for extra moisture required by my skin during the cold month.  The best way to moisturize your skin is by applying lotion after you have taken a bath, when your skin is still moist with water.  This way the moisture is locked in with a lasting effect compared if you wait for your skin to dry.  An added bonus for me is the lovely mild powdery scent that I love, and it’s affordable too!  My skin doesn’t only feel baby soft, it also smells like a fragrant baby skin.  The availability of a product that would care for a mommy’s skin as much as it does for the baby’s skin is a practical and convenient beauty regimen that shouldn’t be missed.

JOHNSON’S® Baby Milk Bath 200mL is priced at PHP 76.25 and Lotion 200mL is priced at PHP 125.00.  Available in all leading stores. Like Johnson’s Baby Philippines on Facebook for more information.

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  1. I am using Johnson’s baby products for my baby and I didn’t have a clue that I can possibly use it too.

    Might as well share these items together. This discovery is a great news for me because aside from having a healthy skin, it means extra savings for me as well 🙂

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