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Maintaining a clean and tidy house is can be a back breaking job that homemakers face every day. Just like any job, you need to be properly equipped in order to accomplish any cleaning task with ease. This is why I was enticed to buy the iMop, a modern mop, which was featured during a demo in Ace Hardware during one of my trips to the mall. It was a perfect timing because later that afternoon I also got an invitation for the “I love my Familia” press conference where the iMop and other tools from the New Familia Cleaning System are placed on the spotlight.

I already had a glimpse of the light, durable and absorbent properties of the iMop during the demo at Ace hardware. What I like about it is that it has its own squeezing tools, which means no icky liquid going through your gloved hands, and the no spill packaging that keeps the mess confined in the bucket.


The iSweep was also a great revelation during the press conference. It was like a combination of a vacuum cleaner and a broom with its lightweight and cordless features that sucks the dirt in with your sweeping motion. Unlike the regular broom which has the tendency to scatter some dust in the air when you sweep. The iSweep also has bendable elbows and 360 degree swivel which allows easy navigation and extended reach.


Why stop at being clean when you can have bright and shiny clean. The iPolish can help you achieve the glow that you want in your home with its efficient buffing capability. It is also lightweight and bendable that you can even use it in your cars.


 Finally, there’s the iRovac Plus which is a programmable compact vacuum cleaner. This baby will go around your house cleaning and sucking in the dirt while you rest or enjoy your time with the family. Simply program your cleaning schedule in the system and the iRovac Plus will do the rest for you.

iRovac and iRovac Plus

Modern cleaning tools allow busy homemakers like me to finish housekeeping tasks swiftly and efficiently. For me, the iSweep, iMop and iPolish trio was enough for a no sweat and no backache clean-up. The iRovac Plus is a real treat, so I’ll simply put it on my Christmas Wish List for now. These products take household cleaning to new levels. Safe to say that with the New Familia Cleaning System, I clean without getting my hands dirty.

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