City Delivery: Dial, Click, or Text to Satisfy Cravings

Oh yes!  It just takes a few numbers to satisfy your tummy’s grumblings – even if what you are craving is not available at a nearby location.  I got my fill of treats from Happy Cream Puff last Friday from City Delivery.

My college friends had a get together in Eastwood.  As I was planning for this get together, I was thinking of looking for a Happy Cream Puff branch in the area.  I checked the internet and found out that they only have a branch in Makati.

 Not giving up that easily, I found out that I can order through City Delivery.

I called them up Thursday night to inquire about their services. The person I talked to, Cristy, was so nice and accommodating.  She told me that I could place my order in advance.  I ordered for 6 boxes of assorted petit cream puffs.  Since Rizal, where I live, is not covered in their service area, I made arrangements for them to deliver my order at Eastwood where my friends and I would be the next day.  I knew that this kind of arrangement is possible since I already did it before when I craved for Mercato Centrale treats.  With all the delivery details set, I asked Cristy if I had to call again the next morning to confirm my order.  She said I didn’t have to and assured me that they will take care of everything.

Since I was late the last time I had my food delivered by City Delivery at Eastwood City, I tried to leave the house early.  Just as I was heading out the door, I got a call from their customer service representative saying that the delivery boy was already waiting for me by the Eastwood Mall fountain – looks like it’s going to be a repeat of my late delivery pick-up.  Like the last time, they kept on updating me as I was making my way to the meet-up place.  I was actually expecting the delivery boy to be quite irritated at my tardiness, but I was surprised to see him smiling as he gave me my boxes of treats.  This food delivery service’s promptness and friendly service is truly impressive.

And so, I went off to meet my friends with my boxes of treats.  It turned out that several of our friends were not there yet.  We sat outside a restaurant to wait for our other friends.  I set the boxes of Happy Cream Puff on the table to take a picture of it.

Several people stopped and asked me if there is a branch of Happy Cream Puff in Eastwood.  I figured that with the wonderful experience I had with this food delivery service, it would not hurt to give them a bit of word of mouth advertising.  I think I must have given out the City Delivery number more than a couple of times.

half-empty box of Happy Cream Puff
With my College friends and their babies

City Delivery is really a modern day convenience that everyone can enjoy.  It is considered to be the premiere multi restaurant delivery service in Manila today.  And recently, they have also partnered with Generics Pharmacy to deliver medicine.  They have a vast delivery service area and a long list of restaurants all over the metropolis.

 You can CALL the delivery hotline 87878, CLICK the order button at the, or TEXT 09176387878.  You can also Like them on Facebook at and follow them on Twitter

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