Advantages And Disadvantages Of Owning A Condo Unit

So you have decided to buy a home.  Now comes the difficult decision of choosing between a condo and a house.

If you’re want to stay in a luxury condo rather than having a house, you should consider first the advantages and disadvantages of it before getting one, so that you can determine which option would work best for you. 

Advantages in having Condo:

  1. Condos, like the condos in downtown Austin, are mostly located in centralized place where everything you need is there (near shopping malls, markets, employment places and so much more… indeed, very convenient place to stay).
  2. The amenities. Unlike the usual type of family sized house, condominium comes with luxurious amenities which are one of the factors why people choose to have instead of house and lot. (it comes with pool, fitness facilities, security surveillance, and so much more)
  3. The tax benefits can get is similar in having houses too.
  4. Guaranteed safe. Whenever and wherever you go, you know your home is safe.
  5. And if ever you planned out of selling your unit, it wouldn’t be hard since as I’ve said earlier it’s more preferred by everyone.

If there are advantages, there are also disadvantages too to consider.

Disadvantages of having a Condo:

  1. Often complaint of homeowners is the NOISE level. Well, this is mostly happens because of poor soundproofing of condos.
  2. Some condos locate their parking areas in common places which is far from where your unit is located. (which is not ideal to those who care for this cars in the first place)
  3. Increase of monthly fees due to maintenance costs and for amenities (although you’re not using it at all).

These are the advantages and disadvantages of owning a condo and people who are considering this as an investment move should really do their homework very well because owning a condo is a long-term investment.

Anyway, in regards with the disadvantages…  some condominiums have their words in providing you great service after all. So, the best thing to do is to choose on what condo to have instead. It’s not that hard though, such as  and so much more! Thence, it’s not a problem anyway if you really love to buy a unit for yourself.

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