A Visit from the Fairy Hobmother


Do you believe fairies really exist?

While there is no scientific proof of fairies, I grew up believing they exist. You just have to believe in them and soon you will see them.

And I was right! Fairies are real! I finally met one, the Fairy Hobmother.

The Fairy Hobmother finally landed on my blog and sprinkled some fairy dust all over me. Like other fairies who inspires deserving individuals, the Fairy Hobmother’s mission is to spread joy across the blogosphere! He mentioned that my hard work deserves to be rewarded, so he will send me a gift. I’m not sure what it is but hopefully it’s a Beko Washing Machine. I badly need one =)

If you would like a visit from the Fairy Hobmother, leave your links below, who knows he may pay you a visit too! You may also follow the Fairy Hobmothter on Twitter.

The Fairy Hobmother is always looking for someone to visit, and you might be the next one!  Just believe in the The Fairy Hobmother and you will soon meet him!

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