Star Cinema Treats Movie And Music Fans With Coming-of-age Flick, “the Reunion”

Movie and music fans alike, young or young-at-heart, are all anticipating for the grand nationwide screening of Star Cinema’s newest coming-of-age comedy flick tagged as ‘tropa movie of the year,’ “The Reunion,” topbilled by some of the hottest young stars of this generation–Enchong Dee, Enrique Gil, Jessy Mendiola, Julia Montes, Kean Cipriano, and Xian Lim. “The Reunion” will hit cinemas nationwide on Wednesday (August 15).

Under the direction of young filmmaker Frasco Mortiz, “The Reunion” already caught the attention of a lot of viewers with its distinct movie trailer that highlighted the fun-filled adventure of a group of friends and the immortal music of one of the greatest OPM legends, the Eraserheads.

“The film is about true friendship, and about believing in one’s self. It’s about the youth of today,” explained Direk Frasco. “Kids today are very different. They constantly want to be heard, to be the center of attention. They want all their opinions expressed. My generation didn’t have social networking sites as venues to do those things.”

“The Reunion” boys–Enchong, Enrique, Kean, and Xian—assured that moviegoers and music lovers from different generations will be entertained by their film because of its unique storyline and characters that are inspired with the anthemic hits of Eraserheads like “Minsan,” “Superproxy,’ “Toyang,” “Shirley,” and “With a Smile.”

“We are lucky that we were given the chance to pay tribute to Eraserheads. We all know that the youth then and now listen to their music,” said Enchong.

Enrique, on the other hand believes that kids from all generations can relate with the story of “The Reunion.” He shared, “The older audience can say ‘Parang ‘Bagets’ ito, a!’ They can reminisce about their childhood, their old friends, or their fond experience while growing up.”

Like the rest of the boys, Kean takes pride in the uniqueness of their movie. “I am sure that I am going to be proud of this movie,” he said. “Anyone can relate to it because it is about real friendship. In the story, we have an adventure that we had to take together. We had to go back to the reason why our lives messed up after school.”

Meanwhile, Xian shared that “The Reunion” features a string of must-sees that will surely draw smiles in the hearts of the moviegoers, including the part where they all walk in the corridors wearing ‘The Avengers’ costumes and the confrontation scene with his leading lady Megan Young. “Since Direk Frasco wanted to treat the scene in differently, I got slapped many times, leaving almost half of my face red.”

“The Reunion” is a coming-of-age comedy flick that follows the adventures and misadventures of Lloyd (Enchong), Bogs (Enrique), Pat (Kean), and Joax (Xian) after their life in high school and now as they struggle to pursue their passion for music and their respective life goals.

As they relive the fun of their high school years and trace back their mistakes, will Lloyd, Bogs, Pat, and Joax finally make things right and positively change their future?

A fun-filled story of friendship, love, and life, “The Reunion” also features Bangs Garcia, Matt Evans, Tom Rodriguez, Joseph Marco, Ivan Dorschner, Brian Santos, Alodia Gosiengfiao, Kakai Bautista, Louise Abuel, and Gina Pareño.

“The Reunion” will be shown on cinemas nationwide on August 15, 2012.

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