Nestle Coffee-mate Creamy Caramel

Do you like your coffee black or with cream? Perhaps, each of us has our own way of drinking coffee. Some people may prefer to have plain black, while mostly chooses with cream thus Coffee-mate cream is really perfect for those who prefers to have a twist in their drink.

With that NESTLÉ® just created something for coffee-cream lover surely all would love! To give you a hint here is a tagline, “Creamy with a kiss of caramel na nakaka-inlove”. For sure, you have an idea already what could it be!

Nestle just recently launched a new product variant that makes our coffee experience sweeter and romantic than ever before- COFFEE-MATE Creamy Caramel. With its creaminess combined with a hint of caramel, you would really find yourself slowly falling in love because of its taste and aroma it brings.

But in as much as everyone wants a creamy caramel taste in coffee, they too would want that signature creamy caramel kiss! With that, Coffee-Mate Creamy Caramel comes up with the idea of introducing Kisstopher, The World’s Greatest Kisser, through online!

Kisstopher will share to you how to achieve a sweet, creamy, caramel kiss na nakakain-love in simpler, sweeter and romantic way together with his partner, Kisstina.

Kisstopher has seven kissing tips video, the How to Kiss: The Beso; How to French Kiss; How to Kiss: The Pucker; How to Kiss: The Lola Kiss; How to Kiss: Dance; How to Kiss: The Speed of a Kiss; and How to Kiss: Close Your Eyes.

How to Kiss: The Lola Kiss Remember all the great and wise advice you get from your grandmother? This is not one of them. Watch this Kissing tip from KISSTOPHER, the WORLD’s GREATEST KISSER to know why!

How to Kiss: Dance Kissing is like dancing! Watch this Kissing tip from KISSTOPHER, the WORLD’s GREATEST KISSER to know why!

Here’s the link to the complete kissing tip videos:

For sure, you would be thinking how this video would look like since we used to know that kissing is really not a friendly type to young ones at all. But in Kisstopher’s videos, you would see how he delivered it in mannerly way and as well it’s very entertaining too.

You too, can be Kisstopher!  Just share your kissing tips on the COFFEE-MATE Facebook application for a chance to win their new COFFEE-MATE Creamy Caramel gift pack! To know more about it, visit their official facebook page at

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