Lose More, Live More Part 2

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Last week, I’ve shared with you that I have joined a Healthy Lifestyle and Weight loss Challenge.

What’s the Story?

Since the challenge has started, I began having lesser food intake than my usual. I no longer eat rice and I tried to compute the food that I take in. My goal is 1100 to 1200 calories a day. For exercise, I just do walking in the vicinity in the condominium where I live in. I can’t jog for now due to bad weather conditions.

What I Eat?

I take, for example, 5 pieces of crackers and tuna in brine (sometimes, I eat 1 tbsp of peanut butter) and a piece of fruit, like apple, for breakfast. For lunch, I take a cup of tuna in brine and again, crackers. For dinner, I eat a cup of broccoli, a cup of carrot, 3 oz of meat and an apple. Definitely, no rice intake. Then for snack, I usually have either a hardboiled egg or crackers. =)

Every morning before taking breakfast, I take C-lium. I haven’t noticed anything yet on my weight or on my body size but what I noticed is that my bowel movement became regulated. And since I’m taking it before breakfast, it helps set a healthy tone for my whole day, plus it keeps me full until lunchtime.. And so, that lessen my food intake.

At one point in my life, I had constipation because I am not that kind of person who always drinks a lot of water. But, I learned that if I take C-lium, I need to drink at least 8 glasses of water, and so I did. The result is okay. As I have said, I now do regular bowel movements.

While it is also possible for me to eat foods that are rich in dietary fiber–nuts, wheat, cereal, vegetables, etc.–unfortunately, fiber can be easily depleted when cooked. Also, I believe these sources may not have enough amount of fiber that my body needs daily. C-Lium is actually one of the richest sources of fiber and has up to 14x more fiber than oatmeal or cereal! Just one tablespoon or sachet of C-Lium everyday is enough to provide fiber goodness required by our body. Plus, what I especially love is that C-Lium is all natural!

Just a reminder for those who will drink C-Lium, whenever taking Psyllium husk fiber supplement, such as C-lium, you need to take “extra-ordinary” plenty of water because psyllium (c-lium) will definitely just become a huge chunk of hard jell like substance when you lack water causing you to become constipated. Just try drinking huge amounts of water and I’m sure you’ll definitely see and feel the difference.

For your information, I have tried diet pills before, and though I lose some weight, there were side effects like dizziness. But, with C-lium, so far there are no side effects. And C-lium is safe. C-Lium Fibre is very safe, and is used by millions of people throughout the world. Psyllium husks have been used in Europe since the 16th century and in southern Asia for centuries as part of ayurvedic medicine. C-Lium Fibre is not habit-forming and can be taken every day. C-Lium Fibre has no harmful side effects. It is registered as safe by the Food and Drug Administrations in many countries including ours.

You may check http://www.clium.com.ph/LM/faq/Faqs.html for more information about C-lium.

Sad to say, there’s still no change in my weight. Maybe because I was diagnosed PCOS and has a slow metabolism. I honestly find a hard time losing weight. But, with regards to my health, I feel lighter. I think it’s because of my regular bowel movements. One more thing, I’m not sure if this is an effect of dieting or C-Lium, but I already can sleep up to 8 hours a day! Most of the time, I can sleep continuously. Why is that significant to me? Before, I really had a hard time sleeping without waking up in the middle of the night. Also before, I had this feeling that when I wake up, I feel totally exhausted. But now, I feel much energized when I jump off my bed.

There are foods that I try to avoid now. Some of them are pasta, soft drinks, rice (Although I’m planning to eat rice again but 1 cup a day only), and of course, chocolates.

So, are you ready to take the challenge of living more and losing more?

Join us in our journey and log-in your experience and you might just win PhP10,000!

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  1. same here sis, since i found clium the main and good thing that happen to me is that i have a better and regular bowel movement. way to go sis nagutom ako sa sample meal mo hehe…

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