Lose More Live More Challenge Week 4

Last Thursday, August 16,2012, C-Lium hosted a Crossfit Session and it was held at Crossfit Manila, Fort Bonifacio (Philippine Army Gymnasium Lawton Ave. corner Bayani Road, Taguig City, Philippines).

However, I was sick and so I wasn’t able to join. I feel bad because I missed this opportunity. What a loss!

Those who have attended had an extreme work out session at Crossfit Manila, where in they finished what they called WOD (Work Out of the Day). They were challenged to do repetitions of wall balls, box jump, pushups and burpees!

I asked some of the bloggers after the workout. They said they were really exhausted and shaking all over. They really felt their bodies are weak and was stretched all over.

Present in the event were the C-Lium Fibre ambassadors together with Pinoy Biggest Loser Season 1 finalists Art Mendoza and Angela Lupango. Art lost 129 lbs while Angela 78 lbs, that’s why I said to myself, “If only I was there, I will be surely inspired to do the WOD because of them.”

After crossfit, Nadine Tengco, the resident nutritionist of the reality TV Show, Pinoy Biggest Loser, gave a very interesting talk. Actually, even if I was not able to attend the session, I have already heard Nadine Tetangco speak about diet. I must say I learned a lot from her and realized that I’ve been doing the wrong “diet” regime. She said it was wrong to famine yourself. What’s better is that we should start choosing our food wisely from now on. Switch to a total lifestyle change by maintaining a healthy diet, regular exercise and a fiber supplement, like C-lium Fibre, that would help you achieve your fitness goals.

She also shared some recipes like “Shed and Tone” (A post workout recovery smoothie for weight management and Anti-Diabetes) and healthy “Cheesy Tex-Mex Nachos”.

The ingredients for the Shed and Tone are:

1 tablespoon Psyllium fiber/C-Lium Fibre
1 large banana
1 cup papaya cube
1 tablespoon no-sugar crunchy peanut butter
2 cup low-fat or almond milk
1/8 tsp cinnamon
1 tablespoon cilantro
1 tablespoon mint leaves
10 grams coco sugar or 2 sachets Stevia (optional only: if banana or papaya is not sweet)
Ice cubes

Then, blend all the ingredients together. This smoothie is intended to aid in muscle repair, recovery, and refueling and should be taken within 1 hour after workout.

Maybe I should be more aware of what I eat and drink. I must become a fan of fruit juices and smoothies and should lessen my soda intake.

And just like what Ms. Nadine has taught me, just eat every 3-4 hours for your blood sugar to be stable because that causes you to be fat. Even if you don’t feel hungry, take in snacks of 100-200 calories. If it is a meal, consume 350 calorie plates.

As I was saying, I was really regretful about not being able to attend. I missed a lot of experience and advice. But,this will not stop me to continue in my challenge of living a healthier lifestyle and losing weight. I can still use the exercise at C-luim lose more live more site.

Watch out for my next update in my journey to health.

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