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Pearls are integral in any woman’s jewelry collection. Worn the proper way, they bring elegance to any attire on any occasion. If you are a woman like me, I’m certain that you have at least a pair of pearl studs and a strand of pearl necklace. It is no wonder that jewelry shops and boutiques carry a wide variety of pearl jewelry. But have you ever wondered why some pearls are so affordable while some would cost you a year’s worth of salary? I learned the answer to this question and discovered more about pearls last July 28, when I was invited to Jewelmer’s Pearl Talk and Private Viewing at Glorietta 4.

Unlike freshwater pearls that are produced in multitude by mussels which can grow practically anywhere, salt water pearls come only from oysters that can survive only in pristine waters. What makes salt water pearls distinctive is that an oyster can produce only one pearl which makes that pearl all the more precious.

Akoya pearls, Black South Sea pearls, and South Sea pearls are the most valuable cultured salt water pearls. But among all these, the Golden South Sea pearls remain the most exquisite and the most precious.

It would make any Filipino proud to know that these golden pearls are nurtured only in the pristine tropical waters of Palawan.

Jewelmer, globally known for its excellence in South Sea pearl production and fine pearl jewelry, is the only pearl producer in the world that has successfully produced pearls with a rich, natural golden color. A round bead carved out of freshwater shell from the Mississippi River together with mantle tissue from a donor oyster is inserted inside the gonad of a gold-lipped Pinctada maxima oyster.This grafting process is so meticulous that it requires an expert technician to ensure proper grafting. Then begins the long wait for nature to take its course and produce one exquisite pearl inside an oyster.

For about two years or so, these oysters are hand cleaned monthly and are checked through xray to monitor pearl growth. Their positions are also changed regularly to ensure that they receive adequate food source and are placed in the most conducive temperature. After years of care, these oysters gift us with the most exquisite pearls truly fit for goddesses – the rare golden South Sea pearls.

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Jewelmer’s Perfect Match, Perfect Pearl Promo

Each pearl that comes out of these precious oysters is unique – shaped by the magical wonders of nature and grown by the dedication of tireless pearl farmers. Now is the perfect time for you to reward yourself with these lustrous pearls. Purchase any South Sea pearl studs from Jewelmer from July 1 to September 30, 2012 and be entitled to a 20% rebate on your next purchase of South Sea pearl studs. Jewelmer’s Perfect Match, Perfect Pearl offer is open nationwide and sets no expiration date on the availment of the rebate. Visit any Jewelmer boutique or for more details. Don’t miss this chance to get yourself classic pearl studs and radiate with South Sea pearls set in luxurious 18-K gold.

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