From Plain to Smart: Evolution of Driver’s License


The fact that the proposed driver’s license has more perks and features, having the enhanced version of it, for me, is a brilliant idea. This new version of the driver’s license is helpful in a way that it can also function as a smart card.

In fact, some government agencies have already rolled out their respective transactional cards that have smart card capabilities. These cards can be used as an ATM card, a discount card and a debit card that can be exploited to purchase goods, manage payment of utilities, and avail of services.

In the Philippines, the proliferation of unauthentic license card is increasing. The significance of this smart card, aside from being a multipurpose card, is the addition of security features. Among these new features include bearing an ISO-certified quality in terms of thickness, peel strength and bending stiffness. Also, this new card includes high text printing quality and sharp facial images of the licensee for better identification.

These security features will make the new driver’s license well-built with a longer life span. Because of this, the new card will not fall apart when exposed to water or fade when excessively exposed to sunlight, greatly enhancing its durability.

But what do you think? Are we ready for a driver’s license card that offers more? Feel free to share your thoughts and comments below!

Enhanced Driver’s License, I believe, is a key part of a better strategy- one that is Smart and secure. But hopefully, the process of acquiring a driver’s license here in the Philippines would be better organized and I also hope that they will be stricter in releasing such cards for us to lessen the accidents.

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  1. hmmmm drivers lang makikinabang? pano ang iba? kung gumanda ang systema nito, tiyak mag kakaroon na rin ng lisensha ang mga taong hindi naman marunong mag maneho. sa sobrang daling mag apply ng Drivers Lic sa LTO? there are numbers of people right now na meh lisensha na hindi naman marunong mag drive eh at naka PRO Drivers License pa!

    1. yan ang isa pang issue na kelangan nilang ayusin. i hope ung system ng pagkuha ng license satin is like sa ibang bansa. hindi basta nakapagpaandar lang ng sasakyan eh "driver" na. sana maging strict sa pagkuha ng license to lessen the accidents na rin.

  2. I like this. I hope it will be the standard on my next license renewal (that’ll be next year). I hope it’s the start for those fake ID makers in Recto to be out of business.

  3. Hubby is set to renew his driver’s license soon and this new “evolution” is awesome.. I just hope that it sure is hard to somehow make a fake one..

  4. the idea of enhancing the driver’s license card is good, but still in my opinion, i prefer for its sole purpose for there are other government cards that serves now with a multi-purpose feature, i think it will be better that way. just my two cents

  5. i dont think so this will be an advantage to everyone. First of all, getting driver’s license is VERY EASY.. you can get one for yourself without taking any exams and even those who don’t have any knowledge in driving can have their license instantly.. Dahil sa mga fixers. if i were them, postal na lng ung gawin nilang smart card..

  6. That's good news. Still, the issue on fixers and other illegal practices just won't die. Something has to be done about that.

  7. It is a great idea but I think IMO the license should only be for license to drive and proper identification not for any other. Maybe when all issues in the department are ruled out and fixed then they can offer additional perks with it.

  8. well, not all people down there is driving, i think they need to implement this on sss card too. i think this is much better. but i’m glad to hear that they makes changes now.

  9. We can but hope that it’ll work better this way. But very unlikely knowing that people will always find a ways to fake identifications.

  10. Wow! I want this driver’s license! My license expired 2 years ago but haven’t renewed it yet as i had no time to visit our LTO office here. Knowing the driver’s license has this features and uses now, i thought of renewing mine asap. Thanks a lot for sharing about this.

  11. This is a good innovation but i hope that there will be no red tapes/fixers na para naman lahat ng makaka kuha ng drivers license eh karapat dapat bigyan talaga

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