Way to Trouble?

Have you ever experience too much excitement where everything you plan is only what you focus on? And because of it, you almost forgot to bring important things with you instead?

Well, there are times as well that because of our excitement, we never thought of happenings may possible to happen. Just like going to an important event and unfortunately, it happens that you encounter getting stranded in traffic and gotten flat tire while going to your destination. Perhaps, that could be the worst incident a person could face though. And apparently, we had experience the same thing last night when we go to Nicki Minaj’s concert. With that, we’re forced to go to the nearest gasoline station to aerate the tire. My hubby asked the gasoline man if they have extra nitrogen cylinder pressure instead since there was a car which came first in line before us and of course we’re in a hurry as well. It took us half an hour before leaving the said place that is because we need to wait to the car we are next to. Yes, unfortunately they don’t have extra nitrogen cylinder for emergency purposes. Good thing that they consider my hubby’s advice to have extra cylinders which they can get in iSi Components or perhaps in their source instead for these kinds of cases. It was really disappointing, since I was really in a hurry because I want to be on time before the concert gets to start. Luckily it had not started yet when we arrived. At least, my night was not totally gotten disaster with that incident.

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