When it comes to products, of course quality is one of the top priority people consider the most. Hence, we searched for good quality products instead, disregarding the price it has.

Headphones are one of the most highly recommended products nowadays, simply because of the rampant production of gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, mp3s, iPods and a lot more. Thus, known brands of headphones which mostly people prefer to buy instead of those products which released in the markets.

Urbanears is one of the brands that produce stylish and good quality headphones for almost 4 years now. And with that, they never tend to fail to surprise their valuable customers and fans with new products.

Now, the brand comes up with new product that everyone has been waiting for, the Urbanears Zinken.

Urban Zinken

Zinken is a brand new approach to the concept of a headphone as a musical instrument. Developed with the professional DJ in mind, with respect to the wallet of the unpaid amateur, Zinken is chock-full of handy features that you never even knew you needed.

And as one of the lucky tester, I have been given a chance to receive a test-unit for a review.

What makes it unique from their other headphones/other brands of headphones?

Perhaps, that is one of the questions you’d probably ask. Well, Zinken comes with turncable and a neutral stereo plug accessory which you’ll never see from their other products and as well from other brands too.

What I love about this product is its TurnCable. It is completely detachable from the speaker (headphone itself) and it comes with 2 plugs, which has one on each end. Each plug has its different sizes. The other plug measures 6.33mm which is intend for DJ sessions while the other plug measures 3.5mm which is allot for music listening. This is specifically made for ones who just can’t get enough of listening to music.

The turncable has this spiral cord which allows you to move the way you wanted without severing the sound it produces and impossible to get unplug from your gadget you use.

About the Sound

It’s superb! It indeed produces good quality of sound. Even my husband who is meticulous when it comes to sounds; he loves what Urbanears Zinken gives. Although you use it for long period of time, it will never harm your ears. Hence, it’s really comfortable to use. Just like my hubby, onetime he finds himself fall asleep, he still uses the headphone though.

Zinken was tested by the helped of DJs. With that, Urbanears groups found out that DJs don’t just search for comfortable to wear headphones but as well comfortable to listen to for hours on end too.

Zinken is designed to provide superior noise isolation so that it excels in DJs environments, while bringing you a sound that’s relaxed and warm. Its custom-designed 40 mm dual diaphragm drivers are finely tuned to provide amazing sound across the entire frequency spectrum, with slight adjustments to the low and high frequencies.

This has been specially and possibly made for your listening experience to be comfortable and enjoyable the way you wanted it to be.

The Design

What I love about Zinken, is that it comes with very simple yet stylish style of headphone which is very ideal to have. Aside from that, because of its collapsible design bringing it made easy and hassle free. And it is very convenient to carry out especially if you’re in a travel since you can toss it inside your bag without worrying for possible damage.

Not just that, this product is made of materials that won’t absorb sweat and odors. Zinken also features microphone and remote which is compatible with iPhone, Blackberry, HTC, Samsung and more, which you can use to pick-up and make calls.


Urbanears Zinken will have its global launch this coming July 16, 2012 and soon to arrive in your favorite Urbanears resellers.

Also, the 1st Urbanears concept store will be opening end of July at The Podium

SRP: 6,950

Urbanears available at

  • Urbanears Concept Store in Podium
  • Beyond The Box
  • Digital Hub
  • Digital Walker
  • Listening Room – SM MegaMall
  • 8 Telcom – Davao
  • GUI – Davao
  • Banana Telecom – Davao
  • iCenter – Cebu
  • Urban Athletics – Greenbelt 3
  • Complex
  • Toby’s Arena – Shangri-La Plaza Mall
  • Astrovision
  • Egghead – Robinsons Galleria
  • Bratpack
  • Odyssey
  • R.O.X.
  • Technoholics – BF Homes Paranaque
  • PowerMac Center
  • iStudio
  • Mobile 1
  • Gadgets In Style
  • Switch
  • Republik in Cebu

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