Momsky Goes to 2012 London Olympics Games

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Our Mother is our first teacher. We are what we are now because of the guidance, motivation and love that our mothers gave to us. Procter & Gamble pays tribute to all mothers and their role in molding and developing their children character through the Thank You Mom campaign.

I’m sure you’ve seen the P&G commercial of Mark Anthony Barriga and Momsky on local TV? Mark Anthony Barriga, at 18 year old, is the Philippine’s first qualified athlete that will participate in light flyweight boxing in the 2012 London Olympics Games. He will compete with more mature and experience boxers in that boxing division.

P&G, other members of online media, celebrated Melita Barriga’s , fondly called as Momsky, success in which her support and diligence as a mom is fulfilled as her son’s accomplishment is realized when he walked into the 2012 London Olympics crowds at the Parade of Colors bearing the Philippine Flag on his uniform. As an expression of gratitude to Momsky, P&G will flying be her and her husband, ‘Popsky’ Edgar Barriga, to London to support Mark on his bouts in the coming week.

In preparation of the trip, P&G prepared a simple afternoon tea party in Manila Peninsula so Momsky and Popsky can learn more about London. Anama Dimapilis, P&G Corporate Communications Manager, lively hosted the party as she emulated different British accents. Mike Cabigon of the British Council brief Momsky and Popsky on London’s weather, what to wear, culture, city geography and how to get around the city. He also taught the couple to use Londoners words like ‘loo’ for comfort room, ‘lift’ for elevator, and ‘telly’ for television. They also learned more about English food like Fish and Chips and even experienced London’s tea, fancy little cakes and scones. This will definite help Momsky as she meet other Moms from other parts of the world who, just like her and through the Thank You Mom campaign of P&G, are also in London to support their athlete children.

At the end of the party, P&G presented Momsky and Popsky their passports with UK visa in it, jackets, and a care package to help them during their first trip outside of the country. The British Council also gave them a book of games about London and the Olympics to help while their time while on the plane.

Best wishes to Momsky and Popsky in their London trip. Her support and love to Mark shines brighter than the Olympic Cauldron.

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