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Are you an avid fan of fairytales? Well then, I guess you are familiar with the fairytale-like series of ABS-CBN, Princess and I. This series is one of the most talked of the town and is ranked as one of the highest most watch teleserye every night (Mondays to Fridays) by people especially youngsters. Of course, who else doesn’t know about this TVseries of ABS-CBN which is led by famous young stars (Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla, Enrique Gil, and Khalil Ramos) of this generation?

With Princess and I’s continuous success, the production team had then decided to set a special visit for bloggers in the taping of the said TV series. The bloggers had a chance to meet, greet and interviewed the casts (Kathryn, Daniel, Enrique, Khalil and Miss Gretchen Baretto).

Everyone welcomed us warmly and as expected, they did spare their time and had talk to us like just their co-staffs (friendly in other words). We had met all the casts of the teleserye and had a chance to mingle with them sharing the happenings in their tapings.

We had interviewed them one by one and the first one we had was Khalil Ramos.

Khalil portrays the best friend of Mikay (Kathryn), Kiko. He shared to us how he’d come to his role in Princess and I and how did he take up the challenge from singing to acting career. It was a big surprised for Khalil when he was offered the role in the said teleserye and as a beginner, at first he decided if to accept it or not as he is currently enrolled as 4th year student in Colegio de San Agustin in Makati but then ended up accepting the role. It was hard for Khalil at first to act but because of the help of workshops, he then started getting comfortable with his acting career. Khalil prove that he can make it as he really did portray the role of Kiko very well.

Next is Enrique Gil.

Enrique portrays the role of the prince of Yangdon, Dacio Jao. He shared the difference of his role now in “Princess and I” compare to what he had in “Budoy” where he portrays the role of BJ. Enrique told us that one of the most challenging roles he had once in “Budoy”. But this time, he finds his role manageable as he possesses the boy-next door image in the said TV series. He also added how he learned the language of Bhutan.

Kathryn Bernardo was the next one we had interviewed with.

Kathryn portrays the role of Mikay, who at the same time the long-lost Princess of Yangdon, shared to us how she was thankful of having the opportunity to have the lead role in “Princess and I”. Not just that, she also added that because of this project she had given the chance to travel in other countries, to be specific in Bhutan.

Of course, who would forget his bad-boy image in the TV series, Danile Padilla?

Daniel, who portrays the role of Gino, shared to us how he managed his role from being bad boy to his real life attitude. Daniel also shares how his family supports him and his career. He also shares how he and Kathryn bond while in taping together with their co-stars. He too sung a song for us when we interviewed him.

Daniel as well shares his debut album which just recently gotten gold after few days it was released. His album is entitled with Hinahanap Hanap Kita (inspired by his parents) under Star Records which has 6 songs including Hinahanap Hanap Kita, Pagsubok, Paniwalaan Mo, Ako’y Sa’yo, Ika’y Akin, Prinsesa, and Grow Old with You.

Daniel once interviewed by, in regards with his debut album. It was after ASAP 2012 when they had conversation with the Then, Daniel as asked if how he felt after 10 days of his debut album being released had gotten gold. Then he replied:

“Nakakatuwa siyempre dahil pinaghirapan ko ito at lumabas naman ng maganda. Salamat sa support ng fans, kasi sila ang dahilan kung bakit nag Gold agad yung album ko. Yung kanta at banda trabaho ko lang siya, wala sila obligasyon para bilhin yung album pero ginawa nila bilang suporta sa akin, kaya natutuwa ako sa mga fans na sumuporta.”

And the most kilig factor was when he asked if what song he has in his debut album, he dedicates to Kathryn.

“Yung Grow Old With You, kasi I  wanna grow old with her.”  (The song Grow Old with You, because I want to grow old with her.)

Daniel is really thankful of having this opportunity given to him and of course with continuous support of his fans too. He wouldn’t come up high like now without his fans, to those supports his shows, TV guesting and mall tours and of course those who supports his tandem with Kathryn Bernardo too.

On the other hand, the original soundtrack album of Princess and I, entitled “Love Song from Princess and I” which has Daniel’s Hinahanap Hanap Kita and Gusto Kita by him and together with his co-actors, Khalil and Enrique, is out in the record stores nationwide!

Of course, who would forget Ashi Behati, the Queen of the Land of Yangdon- whom portrayed by Miss Gretchen Barretto.

La Greta shares to bloggers how her dream came true because of “Princess and I”. She shares to us how she had been dreaming of becoming a “Queen” ever since. But according to her, she doesn’t have idea on how to make it come true until the TV series was born. She also revealed that she was supposed to make a big project before “Princess and I” but then, for some reasons it has been canceled. Gretchen shares how she’d been offered the role and without hesitation she then accepted it because first, it is her dream role and second she reasoned out too that portraying unique roles give attention to the viewers. La Greta also added that she’s having fun working with her co-stars especially the teen stars of present generation (Kathryn, Khalil, Daniel and Enrique).

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There are more up-coming scenes to keep an eye in the said teleserye that surely will capture all the attention of every viewer. So don’t miss the chance to see it all!

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