Needless to say, that todays webmarketing have to target thousands of customers from different countries and continents. We can face a problem of language gap between a seller and buyer in some cases. But what do people understand equal all over the world is a media – video, music, images. So why not to make a more close contact with your audience, build better relationships, get feedback and revenue  with help  of media?

What to start with? First of all take a close look at your product. Can you interpretate it into something even more attractive to people? Something they will share by themselves with friends? If yes, that makes your task much easier. Needless to say that people love to share cats and memes. Make a picture of funny cat that do something with your product, add funny phrase and pots it to different picture distribution services. If you did everything right you will see the result in few days. Memes are great for social marketing campaigns either, but it’s more complicated as you never know if people would love your memes. So, the best choice is to create a profile which will link to your site, and create funny memes on cheezburger or memegenerator and if success – the link to your site get some trust. In some time you can start posting memes with more or less obvious context to your product. Again, it depends on how popular it is. Is it authoritative brand that people can just talk about in real life, when massive and strong corporation do something like that it produce much more profit comparing to local one, or the company which runs some ordinary business. Beware of being faceless and boring, nobody likes that, add something catchy, noticeable or funny.  Once the person saw the funny picture with your product on it, the brand with remain in their memory and return it when needed.

The other way is a video creation and distribution, you should know what is your audience is and if you can easily rich them with Youtube or Vimeo video, obviously Youtube campaign is more easy to run and monetize. But it must be really viral or really great video. You can get Any audio and video converter on if you need to convert wma to mp3 when making a video you can use shareware soft WMAConvert. The one that comes to my mind is about educational partnerships, really great one, bright, interesting and catchy. Multicultural approach, different landscapes, more action is what viewers like to share. If video is boring and does not have a point, an idea it’ s just a youtube trash, which no one wants to waste time to.  Again, another great example is Regular Ordinary Swedish MealTime, I like that nordic bastards so much! And what is the video about? How  to cook. How much useless, boring and ordinary cooking tv programs or web video you saw? I can’t even remember the one to name. And that one, it is just brilliant. Search for that guys to understand what I mean, when say that your video must be catchy and have an idea.

After creating a video, try to watch it again as if it was shared to you, forget about hours of work and take a look at it. Then ask yourself, would you share it to somebody else to watch? Does it contains something besides marketing aim and advertisement?

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