Green Choice Carpet Review

I have been wanting to get my carpets cleaned for awhile, but I hesitated because of all of the chemicals used by most cleaning companies. My carpets were very dirty thanks to my two dogs and two young boys, but I didn’t like the idea of chemicals used on the same carpets where my pets and children crawl and play. I was thrilled to find out about Green Choice. The technician explained to me that the company only uses natural, organic products for cleaning. I was concerned about the effectiveness of natural products, but the technician assured me that these products cleaned as well as strong chemicals. When my cleaning date arrived, the employee arrived right on schedule. He explained to me what he was going to do, and he showed me the natural products. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but I was so pleased with the results! My carpets actually look new, and he was even able to remove some stubborn stains that I thought would be there forever. The Green Choice employee was polite and friendly. He made me feel comfortable, and respected my house and my belongings. I was also impressed by the price that I paid for natural, organic Green Choice carpet cleaning. Green Choice’s prices are reasonable, and I was able to save even more by printing off a coupon from their website. I would highly recommend Green Choice to anyone who wants a thorough home carpet cleaning without having to worry about harmful chemicals.

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