Earn Online without Investment!


Want to make money online with no financial investment?

Making money online can be a difficult process if you don’t know where to look. But don’t worry, here’s one scam-free way to earn money online.

JustBeenPaid or JBP

Started in January 2010, “Just Been Paid” is an indefinitely sustainable investment program run by Frederick Mann, a wealthy investor. The program is reportedly about 52,000 members strong, and new members are joining in increasing numbers (currently about 500 per day), spurred on by positive reports from other members already invested in the program.

Under JBP is their JSS Tripler program where you can earn money without Sponsoring anyone or with no investment needed!

JSS-Tripler is basically a Traffic-Exchange Program that earns up to 2% per day — 60% per month. You can Start with Just $10 and Turn it into a Fortune!

How To Make Money With Just Been Paid?

Follow these simple steps to get started with JustBeenPaid!

  • Sign up and Complete the process.
  • Claim your free $10 and start earning.
  • After you claim your free $10, Buy JSS Tripler positions


1) Access JSS Tripler New Members Start Here Button

Once you’re logged into your JustBeenPaid (JBP) MEMBERS AREA (Back Office) click on the JSS Tripler New members start here button, as shown below:

JSS Access

2) Enter The JSS Tripler Member Area Button

On the next page, click on the Enter the JSS-Tripler Member Area button (this opens your JSS-Tripler account):

Access JSS Tripler Member Area

3) Access JSS Account

On the next page, click on the light-blue Access JSS Account button:

Access JSS Account

4) Submit Your Contact Information

You’ll only ever see this next page once. Simply check/tick the membership agreement box (feel free to read the agreement, however it’s not neccessary) and then click the Submit your Contact Information to Proceed button, as shown below:

Confirmation Screen


Here How it works

$10 investment:

If you buy only 1 position for $10.00, you will earn $0.20 everyday.
On the 50th day, you will have $ 10.00 (50 days x $ 0.20 = $ 10.00)
On the 75th day, you will have $ 15.00 (75 days x $ 0.20 = $ 15.00)
And the position will be expired. So you have $15 from the $10 investment.

$40 investment:

If you buy 4 positions for $40.00, you will earn $ 0.80 everyday
On the 50th day, you will earn $ 40.00 (50 days x $ 0.80 = $ 40.00)
On the 75th day, you will earn $ 60.00 (75 days x $ 0.80 = $ 60.00)
This 4 JSS Tripler position will be expired. So you have $60 from the $40 investment, and plus you will get automatically 1 JSS SYNERGY MATRIX POSITION.


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